Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cowhide Rugs - The Ultimate Nature-Made Rug For You

Finding the right accent pieces to add to your home décor is rarely simple and easy. There are a seemingly endless range of options available, but you may be struggling to find accent pieces that bring character and flair into your space. You may want accent pieces that have unique personality and that will be talking points for those who walk into your home. The perfect solution is to use natural cowhide in your home. You can decorate in a number of ways with cowhide rugs, and all of these gorgeous rugs can provide you with the results you desire. 

How to Decorate With Natural Cowhide

Cowhide rugs are most commonly placed on the ground as a floor covering, and they can dress up the floor with tremendous results. However, this is not the only option when decorating with cowhide. For example, cowhide can also be strewn over the back of a chair or sofa as a throw, adding softness and unique personality to these features. Some people will even hang up a cowhide on the wall as a tapestry wall covering. When you are shopping around for accent pieces to place in your home, consider how different types of cowhide may look in each of these areas of your home. 

The Beauty of Cowhide 

If you have never considered decorating with cowhide, you may want to take a closer look at what this gorgeous material has to offer. Many people are drawn to it because of the fascinating color options that it is available in, including black, white, buff, rust and more. Some cowhides may have two or more colors mottled together, and they may be mildly or intensely mottled for more personality. This can change the entire look of the rug, and this can give your space a different element of character. You typically can choose the exact cowhide rug that you want in your space, so you have complete control over how mottled or speckled your rug is. 

A Rug You Will Love for Years 

Some area rugs are made out of fragile or delicate materials, and these may easily show signs of wear and tear with regular use. Cowhide, on the other hand, is a durable material that will withstand wear. It will continue to look just as fabulous years from now as it does on the day that you purchased it, and this holds true even if you place it in a high traffic area of the home. More than that, it is a hypo-allergenic material, so you can truly love the rug in your home even if you suffer from allergies. 

There are many natural and synthetic materials that you could incorporate into your space when decorating. However, only cowhide rugs have the charming, rustic, natural look that you are searching for, and they bring this look into your home in a hardwearing, hypo-allergenic format. You can begin reviewing some of the many lovely styles of rugs available today to find the right style for your home.