Tuesday, March 15, 2016

New Year in March

If I am to create my own calendar, my year will commence months after it has officially began for everyone else (even later than the Chinese celebrate their New Year). Just like my typical week starts on Tuesdays, my days start at noon, while my energy and creativity surge profusely at night.

I am a nocturnal being by nature, with my body clock wound counter clockwise and I still do not understand why experts insist that waking up late does not compensate for sleeping late, regardless if it still amounts to 8 hours of recommended sleep (most of the time, even more). They say “the body knows its proper rest schedule or when it is day or night” and once you upset it, the balance is tipped and your health is put at risk. But how did they know what the body knows?

Yes, it is no doubt a complicated mystery under the perennial shroud of that thing we call ‘Science’, where everything must have a rationale. Besides, who am I to argue with the so-called “experts”? It does not necessarily mean though that I fully believe in them or that I will follow what they say is supposedly true and right. As a nonconformist, I rebel at the thought of being told when to sleep and wake up. I feel it is best to listen to my body and heed its signal— to sleep when I feel sleepy and to wake up when it needs to, regardless of time.

But that is just me in my own utopic universe.

The truth is, we live in a world where everything has been placed under a certain schedule or order, from where we base the plan of our own timetables. This is the prevailing state we were born to follow in order to move in congruence with the rest of society.  

Regardless of what the world dictates, my year still starts beyond January; my week begins any day except on a Monday, my sun rises at noon--when it is at its scorching brightest, and my nights end when it is time for the rest of humanity to start a brand new day.