Sunday, January 31, 2016

Which Way do You Want to Go?

It is the first month of the year. A new beginning towards our journey through 2016, and the last thing I would want to write about is death.

This post was originally composed last November 2015, meant for All Souls’ Day. Apart from commemorating and praying for our dearly departed, it is also a time to reflect on life. But I believe that the topic of death remains relevant regardless of time, since it is one reality that we all have to face at any point in our lives. Whether it happens to a friend, family member, or eventually, to ourselves.

As a positive, blessed-with-sunny-disposition-always-optimistic person, I have the natural aversion to negative, sad, depressing topics and pessimistic point of views. It is precisely why I don’t like watching the news, for obvious reasons, or watching movies that do more emotional turmoil than provide a blissful escape from the real world.

Life is naturally seasoned with events that bring us sorrow and pain. No matter how we shield ourselves from all the negativity and sadness in the world, the fact remains that we coexist with it to provide a sense of balance in the emotional ecosystem. After all, how can we appreciate the sweetness of happiness if we do not know the bitterness of sorrow and pain?

I do not want to entertain the idea of death at this point in my life, because I know I am not yet ready for it. In fact, I don’t think I will ever be. I still have a lot to do and accomplish--so many dreams to fulfill and plans eagerly waiting to be realized, especially for my Little Lady. But I know that no matter how much we want to live longer more than we are supposed to, only God knows when we will truly go. Regardless if we are ready or not, I believe we can only bargain for an extension or the preferred circumstance of our grand exit, from the Giver of Life.

People die every minute, every day, in many different ways. But if you will be given a chance to choose how you will go, which way would it be?

As for me, I prefer a painless demise while in deep slumber, dreaming the most beautiful dream. Take note that this can only happen any time after I turn 101 years old. Yes, I declare that I plan to live a very long life.

How about you?

Have a blessed and meaningful Sunday, everyone!