Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Letter to My Daughter

Originally a handwritten letter I made for my little girl on January 2010, but never had the chance to publish.   

Dearest Chestene,

I thought about writing you today because I’m missing you this very minute. I am here at work, and while doing the usual things that I do, my thoughts turned to you. I don’t know if it’s because you lost something again in school. I called the “Lost and Found” section and they already informed your teacher about it, in case they find your eyeglasses. Yes, Mamita told me about it.

I’m not mad, really. It’s just that I want you to be RESPONSIBLE in all aspects, at all times. I know it’s a very big word, but I want you to learn it early in life. When you grow up, you will realize how important it is.

But apart from that, today, I just want you to know that I love you—very much, more that anyone could love you today, tomorrow or any day in the future, because I will love you forever. Always remember that even when everybody else leaves you, I will stay and remain to be your best friend and number one fan for life.

Every night, when I look at your face while you are sleeping, I feel overwhelmingly blessed. Extremely blessed. I may not have all the riches in the world, but I have YOU— and that makes me far richer than the richest person in the world. I thank God all the time for bringing you into my life. I often ask Him, what  have I done to deserve such a precious and perfect gift? You are everything I wished for, everything I imagined, every single detail I asked Him for you to be, He has molded and beautifully created.

I just forgot to ask Him to give you clear eyesight, but don’t feel bad. Your eyes are brighter than anyone I know, for it serve as the window where the pureness of your heart shines. Like what I always tell you, it is not something that makes you imperfect in my eyes or in His, but just a slight reminder that you are human, and all humans each have a share of weakness in different forms that make us all unique.

You are beautiful, intelligent, funny, loving, kind, thoughtful, creative and all good things rolled into one. You can be whatever you want to be and so much more, so DREAM BIG. I know you will be the best that you can be. Live each day with the strong confidence and belief that you can achieve whatever you set your mind and heart on. You deserve only the best because you are worth it, so never settle for less.

You will always be my little girl, my precious one, my number one. I promise to do my best to give you the brightest future I could provide. You have so much ahead of you, so many beautiful things and blessings God has in store for you. I have always believed that you are destined to do great things. So live each day full of hope and enthusiasm. Just be patient and prayerful and everything that is meant for you will come in God’s perfect time.

I’m not sure if Mom’s adult talk is boring you already. Probably you are already waiting to be done with this so you can draw, read your books, or write stories. But you can keep this and read it again another day—next week, next month or next year, it doesn't really matter when. Because the words here that show what’s inside my heart, will never ever change.

I love you forever,


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Happy Single Valentine's Day!

My Colorful Heart 2013

So it’s almost Valentine’s Day

Do you feel or have succumbed to the pressure of one of the most celebrated events every year? Well, I don’t. You see, one of the perks of being single is the fact that you don’t have to plan your world around the existence of another person you are romantically attached to, everyday—not just on V-Day.

Just a shout out to other fabulous singles: there are things that you can actually do this time of the year, other than cuddling and canoodling or haplessly jumping into a relationship just for the sake of  having someone to spend it with. You can:

(a) stay at home and sleep the day away (saves you money!);

(b) organize 'I Hate Valentine’s Day' party with your single and brokenhearted friends and revel on how being in love sucks;

(c) watch a romantic movie, depress yourself a little, and gorge on the tastiest and 'junkiest' food available;

(d) go out and treat your amazing single self with some head to toe pampering;

(e) write the bucket list of all bucket lists (it’s about time!);

(f) buy yourself flowers and chocolates (read: love yourself!);

(g) list down the qualities of your ideal partner, then envision and practice the Law of Attraction (if you don’t want to spend the next Valentine’s Day alone again, that is); and

(h) a whole lot of possibilities!

You can be bitter or better—whichever you choose, it’s your call. After all, the truth is, it’s just another day and no one can judge you on how you decide to spend it.

Of course, the invisible pressure and the cheesiness of the day will still be squeamishly felt, while ants feast on the sweetness of the syrupy occasion. But there’s more to spending the day as a lovesick couple. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BEING IN LOVE—so much, I hope I feel it again very soon. It's just that I believe, one can also turn this day into an opportunity to appreciate OTHER people they love. You know, the ones who stay along the sidelines when your world is revolving around one person alone, yet stays with you to pick up the pieces of your shattered heart and help you rebuild your life again, long after the love of your life has moved on to another prey.

Spread the love to those who need it too, like family, friends, or even strangers, and make a difference on someone else’s Valentine’s Day. You’ll be surprised how much it will mean to both of you.

As for my plans, sure I’ll spread the cheer around by sending heart-shaped greetings, but I guess I’ll go the usual road of mediocrity with some dose of fun, and end up spending it meaningfully with the people that matter most to me—my family.

Trust me; it will be just as sweet and cheesy, with dozens of assorted heart-shaped Krispy Kreme donuts to devour coupled with big hugs and small kisses.

Happy Hearts' Day!

P.S. Took this photo of the sky last year and turned it into a colorful heart, somehow. Please feel free to share and link back. :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Under Promise, Under Deliver

I have under promised and under delivered 3 blog posts last 2013. Time breezes so hastily, making it hard hard to catch up and write (Read: Yes, I have been my laziest self). I had so many things going on in my head, words included, that needed to be written and regretfully, just dissipated into oblivion after some time due to memory gap. 

Details to follow on my next hopefully upcoming post soon, but for now, let me greet you a remarkable, fabulous and amazing 2014, loaded with bliss and overflowing blessings! :)