Sunday, November 27, 2011

Online Bingo, Anyone?

Whenever I go to my favorite mall, I always hear the fun and cheering when the bell rings loudly in a particular section of its 2nd floor, just a few stores away from the bookstore I frequent. One day, out of curiosity, I checked it out and discovered that it’s actually a Bingo hall where people from all walks of life spend their leisure time, with the hope of winning the varying prizes at stake being offered daily. I wish I have the luxury to sit, play and enjoy even a single game. But whatever time I have gets spent in browsing for books and more books for my little lady, so before I know it, it’s closing time already and I haven’t accomplished much - not even the reason why I went there in the first place. It happens all the time so I just resort to making a mental note to play online bingo games instead, since I spend a generous time in the internet. Being online is where I need not worry about the pressure of rushing things I love to do, just to squeeze in a game schedule. Anything can be done in the comfort of my room, in my fluffy slippers and goofy pajamas. 

Playing Bingo is one of the first adult games I learned as a kid. My favorite aunt would always bring me along whenever she gets invited to play Bingo in our neighbor’s house. I enjoy the simplicity of the game and the rush of excitement whenever my card number is drawn and the desired pattern is formed. We play a few games and when we have enough winnings to buy us snacks, we go to a convenience store to buy soda and baked goodies. It seems nothing special, but it's a delightful memory I will never forget.

When I was in college, my sister and I organized Bingo nights at home exclusively for the family. It became a regular thing where my aunts and cousins would go to our house right after dinner to spend time with us and play. A bonding activity that made each of us closer in more ways than one, it’s one of the moments I wish I could bring back, to revive and sustain our warm relationship with relatives again.

I'm sure almost everyone has played Bingo at one point in their lives. Please feel free to share, I would love to hear your fond Bingo memories, too. =)