Friday, November 4, 2011

My Christmas List

I have been really busy with my Christmas list lately, thinking of appropriate gifts for everybody. It’s barely a month away from the big holiday, I haven’t done any shopping yet and I’m already anxious at this point. Last week, I started writing the names of my family, relatives, friends, officemates, plus my little lady’s 11 teachers and 45 classmates. Yes, that is equal to almost a hundred things to shop!

While thinking of more people I might have missed adding to my already extensive list, I began scribbling gift suggestions opposite the names to maximize my time. What do they like? What will fit their personality? What do they need? These are just some of the factors that helped me come up with possible items that the recipients would actually love. 

I don’t have a huge budget, so I have to rely on my creativity and shopping wisdom to source the best buys without draining my piggy bank. For example, as much as my generous heart would love to give iPhones this year, I think giving protective sleeves for iPhone instead, is a very practical gift any iPhone owner could have. My cousins who are also moms like myself, often complain about how their phones always get accidentally wet and sticky whenever their little tots are near. I think it would be a perfect gift for them, don't you agree? 

Christmas for our family had always been a celebration of sharing. It makes us happy to see that the love we express through whatever we manage to give brings joy to those who receive them. I also believe that nothing should get in the way of showing people how much you appreciate them. And as always, believe that it’s the thought that matters, and what you heartily give is what really counts.