Sunday, November 27, 2011

Online Bingo, Anyone?

Whenever I go to my favorite mall, I always hear the fun and cheering when the bell rings loudly in a particular section of its 2nd floor, just a few stores away from the bookstore I frequent. One day, out of curiosity, I checked it out and discovered that it’s actually a Bingo hall where people from all walks of life spend their leisure time, with the hope of winning the varying prizes at stake being offered daily. I wish I have the luxury to sit, play and enjoy even a single game. But whatever time I have gets spent in browsing for books and more books for my little lady, so before I know it, it’s closing time already and I haven’t accomplished much - not even the reason why I went there in the first place. It happens all the time so I just resort to making a mental note to play online bingo games instead, since I spend a generous time in the internet. Being online is where I need not worry about the pressure of rushing things I love to do, just to squeeze in a game schedule. Anything can be done in the comfort of my room, in my fluffy slippers and goofy pajamas. 

Playing Bingo is one of the first adult games I learned as a kid. My favorite aunt would always bring me along whenever she gets invited to play Bingo in our neighbor’s house. I enjoy the simplicity of the game and the rush of excitement whenever my card number is drawn and the desired pattern is formed. We play a few games and when we have enough winnings to buy us snacks, we go to a convenience store to buy soda and baked goodies. It seems nothing special, but it's a delightful memory I will never forget.

When I was in college, my sister and I organized Bingo nights at home exclusively for the family. It became a regular thing where my aunts and cousins would go to our house right after dinner to spend time with us and play. A bonding activity that made each of us closer in more ways than one, it’s one of the moments I wish I could bring back, to revive and sustain our warm relationship with relatives again.

I'm sure almost everyone has played Bingo at one point in their lives. Please feel free to share, I would love to hear your fond Bingo memories, too. =)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Saw the Sign!

My sister is finally doing the finishing touches of her bridals shop and office, after working on every minute detail of each element and design for almost year now. What can I say? She set her mind and heart to it years ago and for her, perfection is the only way to go, no matter how long it takes to achieve her dream.

She is still choosing furniture, frames and decorations, so it would probably take a few more months before she officially launches her shop to the public. But before that, she needs to finalize her product and service branding to complete its professional business personality. We are already brainstorming for a business sign that would embody the shop image that she wants to project. The symbol that we are envisioning represents a mixture of style and class without being too bold or intimidating. 

While thinking of ways on how to execute the design of the signage, my mind couldn’t help but wander fast forward, to the time when her shop becomes well-known all over the country. It thrills me to visualize that she could already have one of those lovely bronze plaques attached to the exterior of the shop that gives the impression of professionalism, success and stability in the industry.

It's still premature to tell, but I believe so much in my sister because I know she has what it takes to make it big in any endeavor she wishes to pursue. Besides, a lot of positive thinking benefits any dream that is worth realizing, don't you think?

Friday, November 4, 2011

My Christmas List

I have been really busy with my Christmas list lately, thinking of appropriate gifts for everybody. It’s barely a month away from the big holiday, I haven’t done any shopping yet and I’m already anxious at this point. Last week, I started writing the names of my family, relatives, friends, officemates, plus my little lady’s 11 teachers and 45 classmates. Yes, that is equal to almost a hundred things to shop!

While thinking of more people I might have missed adding to my already extensive list, I began scribbling gift suggestions opposite the names to maximize my time. What do they like? What will fit their personality? What do they need? These are just some of the factors that helped me come up with possible items that the recipients would actually love. 

I don’t have a huge budget, so I have to rely on my creativity and shopping wisdom to source the best buys without draining my piggy bank. For example, as much as my generous heart would love to give iPhones this year, I think giving protective sleeves for iPhone instead, is a very practical gift any iPhone owner could have. My cousins who are also moms like myself, often complain about how their phones always get accidentally wet and sticky whenever their little tots are near. I think it would be a perfect gift for them, don't you agree? 

Christmas for our family had always been a celebration of sharing. It makes us happy to see that the love we express through whatever we manage to give brings joy to those who receive them. I also believe that nothing should get in the way of showing people how much you appreciate them. And as always, believe that it’s the thought that matters, and what you heartily give is what really counts.