Saturday, October 22, 2011

What's your Passion?

Sometimes, you don’t realize what you are truly passionate about until you discover what makes you happy.

When I was younger, I draw a lot. I was also amused with the idea of attaching my cutout facial photos and that of my cousins, to the bodies of Cindy Crawford and other famous celebrities. Yes, it may sound ridiculous, but I really did that in the past. So just imagine my happiness when I met Adobe Photoshop! Finally, I am able to execute my imagination digitally and manipulate it however I wish it to be.

At first, a friend taught me how to use the basic Photoshop tools, while I learned through observation and lots of practice. And because I am very interested in discovering how to achieve different effects, my impatience led me to develop my own ways on how to implement them without the aid of tutorials. True enough, if there’s a will, surely, there will be a way.

Soon after, designing became a regular part of my life because I’m always making projects personal and otherwise, for family and friends with utmost pleasure. I never thought that even calendar printing can be a breeze. I create the layouts and let the printing experts execute my designs to turn them into real and live works of art. 

It’s truly fulfilling to do what you love and share your passion to others who in turn, appreciate it. So have you found your true love yet? If not, then follow where your heart leads you.