Monday, October 24, 2011

Stress, Stress, Go Away!

The main reason why I seldom watch the news is, although it’s packed with updated and live information, it’s also a great source of stress. I already have enough pressure in my life that came abundantly with parenting and being an adult, so I try to find ways on how to unload some of my anxieties and not to invite more in my life.

Sometimes I just want to lock myself in my favorite room, lounge in my cozy bed, grab a good book I’ve been meaning to read but couldn’t finish, sip steaming herbal infusion, and have a relaxing worry-free day. But since I could barely manage to have that whole package because of my hectic schedule, the most feasible thing that I could think of is to plug those in ear noise cancelling headphones I wished for my birthday, and shut out the world and its noise for even just a few moments each day. Maybe during break time at work or while doing chores at home, I think a pure dose of relaxing music will help a lot in keeping my sanity intact amid the hustle and bustle of everyday living.

How about you? When you feel overwhelmed and jaded with real world issues and responsibilities, what do you do?