Friday, January 28, 2011

If the Shoe Fits

When I was in grade school, I remember my whole family going to Cubao every year to buy supplies in preparation for the school opening. I also remember feeling a mixture of delight and anticipation when it’s time to buy my new school shoes, only to be disappointed repeatedly year after year, for we always end up going to the same shoe store and not taking home the pair that I had my eyes on for so long. My sister and I just sigh in dismay and wish, with our fingers crossed, that the following year would be a better ‘shoe year’ for both of us.

Mom always had the last say when it comes to our school shoes. She decides what’s best and chooses the more expensive pure leather and durable (and boring!) kind that lasts for a long time (yes, an awfully loooong time). As we continue to dream in shiny patent shoes with pretty bows and slightly elevated heels, just like what the rest of our classmates wear. In my mind, I always wanted to tell Mom that girls shoes are supposed to be fun! Not mediocre or worse, dull.

Only when I became an adult that I realized that those shiny patent shoes with pretty bows and slightly elevated heels, nice-looking as they are, get worn out easily because they are crafted with cheaper materials. Mom may have always picked the unfashionable pairs in the past, but she got what she knew was best for us. 

You were right, Mom.

So now it’s my turn to be in my mother’s place and be the shoe authority to my little girl. Good thing there are several choices that make it hard not to choose the best pair that me and my kid will both love, and a lot of resources online too, that guide parents in getting the perfect fit. With this video that shows how to measure a child’s foot with a shoe gauge, finding the right shoes for a little Cinderella would surely be a breeze.