Monday, January 17, 2011

Christmas: Hospital Style

We had a very different Christmas celebration last December 2010. We spent it at the last place in the world no one would ever dream to be on Christmas Eve - inside a hospital. My niece was admitted due to pneumonia on December 23rd, and given the extra care and medication needed for her condition, we're left with no choice but to make the most out of the situation during the coming Christmas dinner.

Our family brought food and gifts and the kids were still able to open their presents. That somehow made it more like our usual celebrations, except that it was on a different setting. Nevertheless, I am still thankful that we were able to spend it together as a family.

My sister and I stayed there for a week, looking after our little patient. The only comforting thing that made our stay convenient in the hospital aside from the state-of-the-art equipment and hotel-like accommodation, are the cheerful, beautiful and efficient people wearing soft cotton scrubs.

I love to watch people - observe their clothes, accessories, style and the way they carry themselves. And in the hospital, I noticed that all the nurses look good in their unique scrubs. My sister, who is a fashion designer noticed it too. She said it must be the uniform cut and style that made them fit every shape and size. Whoever was in charge of buying wholesale medical uniforms for the staff made a really good choice.

Anyways, despite the special hospital treatment we experienced, I am not too keen in spending time there anytime soon. I feel much better staying in my messy bed, at my most favorite place in the world - home.