Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Miss You!

I really do. ~L~

You guys have been probably wondering where in the world I am hiding, being wordless and out of touch for a couple of months. Sorry, if I have seemingly orphaned this blog and stayed away for quite a long time. It's like visiting a house and no one's there to welcome you.

Yes, I know you missed me too.

As I always say, when normal day-to-day happenings, responsibilities and obligations take over and dominate my time, as much as I want to be Superwoman and juggle everything beautifully, I fail miserably at that.

Okay, I also Facebook a lot, as well. So now you really know why. *sooo guilty* (Level 302 in Mafia Wars, 32 in Farmville and mixed levels on a bunch of other Facebook apps, I know you understand and can so relate ;-)

What matters is I'm back --trying to be back consistently for good, hoping to fill your reading list again as you visit my humble home. And what better time to schedule a homecoming, than to do it on the 2nd year anniversary of Barefooted Me.

Yes, we turned 2 this month! And as my way of celebrating our 2nd year, I'd like to share with you some of the sketches I made during my non-blogging moments to make my absence seem worthwhile.

So tell me what you think. I hope you like them. Now, where's my big huggg? :))

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