Friday, July 31, 2009

Chestene's Monalisa

'Chestene's Monalisa'

Meet my Little Picasso's first painting on canvas! I know, it's not very much like the famous Mona Lisa, but I'm really happy she came up with this masterpiece. She painted this lady (sorry I forgot the title she gave this!) sometime in January of this year. And knowing me, who is perennially busy with all sort of things (important or otherwise), I forgot to post it earlier as usual.

Since I don't want to influence her painting style, I just let her choose the subject, colors and off she painted away. This is her concept of a beautiful lady at her age-- still untainted and unprejudiced.

It's amazing how children remind us some of the the best lessons in life we tend to forget-- be what you are and think outside the box and society standards.

Once again, I'm thankful I have my Little Lady to teach me that.

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