Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Dream of Kissimmee

A friend was raving about her recent vacation, and I could only sigh over the detailed account of her seemingly marvelous trip. While a break for me right now is in order, not to mention long overdue and truly deserved, I have to think of priorities that need immediate attention. Well, they never go away, do they?

In times like this, I couldn’t help but wish for a generous sponsor who can send me off somewhere out of town or to be lucky enough to win a trip through a free drawing or sweepstakes. Why not? Although I’m aware that finding a sponsor maybe hard these belt-tightening days, one can always find generous companies or groups holding fantastic giveaways.

As you all know, I’m a freebie fanatic and luckily, I always stumble upon opportunities that can be had absolutely free. So here’s a hot tip, Kissimmee is holding a sweepstakes for three (3) getaways and two (2) weeklong vacations!

I've only read about Kissimmee, but my imagination had already wandered off to sunny Florida. Their fabulous theme parks like Walt Disney World® Resorts' Magic Kingdom® Park and Disney's Hollywood Studios™ among others, are perfect not only for my 7-year old, but for me as well, who never really stopped being young-at-heart. Moreover, I’m excited to check out the antique shops for great bargains and discover some new cuisine at the local restaurants. I’m sure that the moment I set foot there, there will be a lot more exciting things to do.

There are three (3) draw dates for the Kissimmee Freedom Sweepstakes scheduled April 1, May 1, and June 1, 2009; so if you missed the chance to win earlier, don’t hold back and take a shot at winning a FREE vacation now!