Monday, March 9, 2009

Where is your Passion?

One of the things that most ‘overdue’ singles face is the perennial question, “Why are you still single?” It becomes irritatingly redundant to explain oneself a lot of times on different occasions why you still haven’t met the “one.” Sounds familiar?

I used to think that my prince charming will come searching for me, climbing mountains and crossing the deepest oceans no matter how worlds apart we are. I’ve always believed that searching for him will spoil the entire fairytale story I creatively weaved in my head since childhood. So I waited, and waited.

Until one day, I snapped out of it and realized I’m no Sleeping Beauty and that the prince I was waiting for is actually busy somewhere climbing the corporate ladder, romancing his laptop, has already survived a bunch of relationships, with definitely no idea whatsoever as to who I am, and absolutely not planning anytime soon to search for me on the other side of the world. Times have really changed and in this modern day setting where time is of the essence, this old adage still rings true: “Seek and you shall find.”

I tried a couple of online dating sites in the past but I eventually grew tired of them. True, that I got a lot of interested matches, but the sites that I joined only kept me interested for a short time so I stayed away from them for a while. And just when I’m planning to rekindle my interest to join the dating scene again, did I stumble upon a new online dating site - passion search, which got my attention almost immediately due to a very catchy layout in no less than my favorite color – red.

Registration was a breeze with the nice talking lady who guided me through the whole membership process. It was actually entertaining! If signing up turned out to be fun, then I can’t wait to see more of what this site can offer. Did I mention that I got in for free? Yes, you can also try creating a free account for yourself. I have yet to explore the site’s features and browse through 19 million members in their network to find my match. Hopefully, I get lucky so wish me luck! :)