Saturday, February 7, 2009

Play Free Games at Kids Zone!

Whenever I need a breather from both online and offline work, I search for computer games to play. It’s a favorite de-stressing activity that relaxes my mind and keeps my thoughts away from work, even for a little while. Good that there is a wide range of games available online that can be played for free, so no problem with spending extra money for this kind of entertainment. The choices are virtually endless!

I just learned that the Mega Brands website (home to the best toy brands) has its own Kids Zone section, where one can play different kinds of games (multiplayer, quests, battles, shooting, racing and drawing) for free. I tried to play Neo Shifters, Magnext, Drawing Game and shooting skeletons in Treasure of the Lord Pyrate, but I like Legends King Arthur most of all because I enjoyed searching for the hidden shields scattered throughout the land.

Everytime I stumble upon a cool gaming site, I make sure to share it with my little girl. I'm pretty sure she will love all the games at Mega Brand's Kids Zone, especially the Drawing Game where she can sketch her own images and color pictures by using the different tools on the right side palette.

If your family is in the mood for some serious fun, try the colorful games at MEGA Brands Kids Zone and play as much as you want for FREE!