Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Little Lady’s Got Some PR

The Little Lady was born brimming with PR.

Oh, I’m using the acronym PR (Public Relations) in the context of being sociable, friendly or outgoing. Well, she’s all that and more. She is never the shy type.

In the last quarter of 2008, she got another "PR"; the PR every blogger aims for – the elusive Page Rank.

It actually came as a surprise. I wasn’t even convinced at first, but when the PR checker kept on going green for DeCaFFeiNaTeD, it was confirmed. The funny thing is that she started with a PR3, then after a week it turned gray or NA, then back to PR3 again after 2 weeks. I figured “G” must be undecided then what to give her.

Opportunities came to her blog and I did a few of them. But when I later read in the terms that it’s okay to make the links no-follow for those opps, from do-follow, I changed the links to no-follow. After another update, the provider wrote that all opps must have do-follow links, so I had to change them all back again. Whew!

A few days after that, her PR went a notch down to PR2. I remember what I read somewhere before, that bloggers should not confuse the big “G” by changing templates too often or probably, by doing what I did. “G” is like a little child who doesn’t like being confused, because whenever that happens, he is sure to penalize.

I know that now.

Looking at the bright side, I’m still thankful that it’s just a level down and not back to NA, huh. :)

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