Friday, February 27, 2009

Cryo-Cell and February Babies

I got in touch with my mother’s instinct the minute my little girl was born. It’s a part of me that just came out of nowhere. All I knew then was that I had to protect the precious little human being from any kind of harm at all cost.

As she grew older, I realized that I can only do so much to shield her from getting sick. The most that I could do is to give her supplements to boost her immune system and to let her undergo scheduled shots or immunizations. Other than that, I would give anything to ensure her health and well-being not only today, but in the future as well.

Lucky for parents whose children will be born in this age of advance technology and science breakthroughs, they have a better chance of securing the health of their offspring.

Stem cell preservation of the umbilical cord blood is now an available option for families who wish to save them for future use. Stem cells have the potential of curing over 75 kinds of diseases, while a host of other medical miracles are still being determined through continuous and rigorous research.

Backed by quality certifications and accreditations, Cryo-Cell, the company behind innovative stem cell solutions, is one of the most stable family cord blood banks, servicing more than 175,000 satisfied clients worldwide. Enrollment is free, and there are flexible payment plans to accommodate any budget, which gives everybody the chance to benefit from this potential life saver.

There is even good news for parents who will have February babies this year! Cryo-Cell is currently running a special offer on UCORD at $300 off and Protect Baby, Protect Mom at $400 off! All you have to do is to enroll now and deliver by February 28 to avail of this promotion. This limited offer is only valid up to 12 midnight on the said date, so check it out now and take advantage of huge savings on a lifetime investment.