Friday, February 20, 2009

Be Protected, Get Vaccinated!

I’m glad that the cold month of January is finally over. Although it was refreshing to feel the cold breeze outdoors, to sleep and wake up without the need for extra air from the fan or the AC, the downside of it was the cough and colds it brought to half of our family members. These are common illnesses, I know, but when they inflict children and the elderly, they become a serious cause of concern.

My parents who are both senior citizens, caught the virus last month. I was particularly worried about my father who is suffering from Congestive Heart Failure, when his cough lasted for weeks despite the aid of medication and natural supplements.

During a follow up check up with his doctor, he was advised to undergo Flu vaccination to protect him from the Influenza virus before the onset of Flu season, which is from June to November. Apart from being 72 years old, his chronic heart disease and weakened immune system put him highly at risk of contracting the disease.

I admit it was a wake up call.

What is Influenza?

We commonly refer to Flu or Trangkaso as the combination of colds, cough, persistent fever, coupled with muscle and joint pain that just goes away in a week or two on its own or with the help of some fever medicine and increased fluid intake.

Little do most people know that Influenza, a communicable viral respiratory illness caused by a virus that attacks primarily the upper respiratory tract, poses a serious risk to very young children, elderly people and those who suffer from medical conditions such as Diabetes, Cancer, lung diseases, kidney and heart problems, as it may lead to critical complications and even death.

Why get a Flu vaccine?

Given that Influenza (identified as the 5th leading cause of illness in the Philippines in 2006) is indeed life threatening, we need all the protection we can get to ward off the risk of catching this fatal disease. Aside from strengthening one’s immune system by taking vitamins, other health supplements and leading a generally healthy lifestyle, it is also imperative to get a Flu vaccine every year, for optimum protection against the varying virus strains that circulate every Flu season.

Except for those who are allergic to eggs and other components of the Flu vaccine, I believe that not only senior citizens, very young children and individuals that are most at risk need to get vaccinated. Everyone needs to be protected. That’s why just like my Mom and Dad, I am definitely getting the vaccine for both myself and my 7-year old daughter.

The cost of a flu shot may cause a slight strain in the family budget, but consider its long term benefits of not worrying over hospitalization and medication bills that eventually drain the family savings, missing out on work and the physical and emotional stress that goes with an illness. It is one of the best investments a person can make to secure his health and well being.

Stop Flu now!

Sanofi Pasteur Philippines, manufacturer of Vaxigrip - one of the best Flu vaccines in the market today, is one of the leading advocates in the ongoing nationwide campaign against Flu. You too, can be a part of this campaign by talking about the disease and the significance of getting vaccinated against Flu to your family and friends.

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