Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Celebration of Love

Before I proceed with this post, I would like to greet everyone a magnificent year ahead, free of troubles in mind, body, heart and spirit! With fervent prayers, I hope that this year will be great for all of us.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, after Dad’s birthday every December 3rd, comes Christmas, Mom’s birthday on January 3rd, and their wedding anniversary the following day. Imagine the dilemma my sister and I have to go through every single year in finding 4 different sets of gifts for Dad and 3 for Mom, in a span of a little over a month. It’s true that gifts for people you love most are hardest to find, but every year, I’m glad we survive. :)

This year is more special, as it marks the 40th wedding anniversary of our beloved parents.

Forty years!

In this day and age, where staying married for five years is already considered a significant milestone, their union is truly a blessing.

My parents did not have a grand wedding; my Mom just wore a simple yellow above-the-knee dress and veil, while Dad wore a short-sleeved polo barong on their wedding day. They did not even have a simple reception afterward due to very limited finances. After the ceremony and well wishes, all the guests went home.

It was a quiet and solemn ceremony sans the luxury of weddings today, and yet, the blessing bonded them for 40 years. I can’t help but be amazed.

So what’s the big secret?

Whenever Mom hears the story of couples who postpone getting married in Church due to lack of budget for a grand banquet, the release of hundreds of butterflies after the ceremony, the fireworks, the video and photo package from a well-known photographer and other modern wedding works, she couldn’t help but shake her head and relive the memories of her own wedding.

Truly, the quality of marriage a couple has, is not determined by the fancy bridal clothes they wore on their wedding day, the number of guests fed with the sumptuous feast, being featured in the newspaper Lifestyle section as Wedding of the Year, the stature of their godparents in the society, or how many thousands and millions were spent on that one day affair.

Marriage is man, woman and God. The union only needs God’s blessing and the couple’s love, loyalty and commitment to be partners for life to make it last. Sounds simple, but it will take a world of sacrifice to make it work.

A single woman’s perspective may not sound credible at this point. But having witnessed my parents’ married life and all kinds of trials they went through and survived, gives me enough confidence to apply what I’ve learned from them to make my own marriage work, when the perfect time comes.

Yes, although married friends and even strangers always tell me I'm lucky to be single, I still believe in the sanctity of marriage. Mom and Dad, not fairy tales, made me believe that there can actually be a happily ever after.

For the best parents in the world:

Happy 61st birthday, Mom and a blessed 40th wedding anniversary to you and Dad! May your union be stronger, more blissful, today and beyond!

Best wishes and congratulations!

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