Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Be an Action AllStar!

I’m not much of a sports fan. Among all sports, I only enjoyed watching basketball and playing volleyball when I was younger. My latest sports involvement was the badminton tournament we had last year at the office.

I hope my little girl grows up to be more sports inclined than I am. Apart from a few sports activities she’s currently doing in school, I think a virtual sports game will help her get familiarized with more activities she might be playing in the future, in the real world.

Just recently, I was able to try for free, a cool sports-themed virtual world for kids. But I had to test run the game myself before introducing it to my daughter, as I’m very particular about being safe online. I created an athlete named KCEE and here’s my customized avatar:

I must say that I’m very pleased with their safety and privacy features. The parent is notified about the child’s membership application, and activation will only take place upon link confirmation. He/she can then create a Parent Account to supervise the child’s membership. The game uses Safe Chat and Safe Chat Plus, for message filtering and blocking; allowing the exchange of pre-approved words and phrases and blocking non approved words, phone numbers and other personal info among members. I also found out that current partners include (MLBAM), (National Basketball League), and made me feel like a kid again! I can’t believe I got lost in the game and had so much fun. :) There is a map where you can find different playing venues to choose from. I tried to play in the Baller’s Hall, Vert Village and Home Turf, where I made friends and met other athletes who even swapped trading cards with me. Icons with several functions are also placed at the bottom of the screen for easy navigation.

I’m sure my little girl will have a great time playing this fun game. You might want to check it out as well, it’s safe for kids and best of all you can play for free!