Monday, December 7, 2009

I Enjoyed My Century Bangus Fillet at my Most Favorite Place in the World,
where my Heart is...

This story could have happened somewhere fancy, exciting, in a faraway place, depicting an adventure of a lifetime, with the most thrilling circumstances. I would have wanted that. But real life situations present limited opportunities, in my case at least.

It's difficult to keep up with the current pressure of Christmas gift-giving season and still squeeze in a little luxury of going out once in a while with my beautiful and smart 8-year old, more so an out-of-town getaway during hard times like this. Lately, I have limited our bonding moments outside the home, much to the pain of my maternal heart whenever I see the sad look of disappointment in her eyes.

So what else does a mother do in times like this? I have always believed in making the most of what I have at the moment, to create the best possible situation. So one Saturday, after my usual litany of why we could not go to her favorite pizza restaurant for the nth time this month, I quickly said there is no need to fret, because we are going to have some fun! And just like a happy trooper, her eyes glowed with anticipation about the ‘plan’.

Since we both love to read and make stories on just about anything, I knew she would surely enjoy what I had in mind. During the typhoon season, I created a fictional story ‘The Adventures of Sourbie’, to make brownout nights at home more interesting and bearable for her, in the absence of television. She enjoyed it so much that she now looks forward to the next power outage, with the hope of hearing another Sourbie adventure. :)

I told her this time, it is going to be more fun because she is going to star in a children’s story, not only in words, but also in pictures! It has been my lifelong dream to publish my own books – novels and children’s books, but never really got to it just yet (along with the rest of my other goals yet to be fulfilled). Half-written manuscripts still continue to gather dust and cobwebs in my drawer, but this might just be the boost I need to inspire me to continue writing again.

With overflowing enthusiasm and glee, she declared: “Okay Mom, let’s do it!!!”

This is how our memorable collaboration went. Just click on the photos to read the story clearly. :-)


The mini photo shoot was a blast. We laughed our hearts out at each and every photo I took, as she tried to project the needed expression. I never thought it would turn out to be this MUCH fun; even more fun than our trips to the mall and playing at Timezone.

Chestene’s current favorite is Century Tuna in oil. I just recently introduced her to Century Bangus Fillet Spanish style that she also loved in a heartbeat. Most kids her age normally dislike food with a hint of spice, but just like I took after my Dad, who loves spicy food, now she appears to have taken it after me, as well.

She always hears my Dad, who is a Cancer survivor with Congestive Heart Failure say how important it is to eat fish because of its Omega 3 goodness and how it protects one from various diseases. I will not be surprised if she starts to raid my Mom's stock of Century Bangus Fillet in the pantry from now on.

Surprisingly, it did not cost much to create one of the best memorable moments with my little girl and I did not need to go elsewhere to savor the goodness of my Century Bangus Fillet. I enjoyed it with the love of my life, at my most favorite place in the world, exactly where my heart is – our home.

Truly, Century Bangus Fillet can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

MSI-ECS' Great I.T. Sale

Good news to all techies!

Enjoy up to 65% off on quality products from Acer, Apple, Adobe, Buffalo, HP, IBM, Imation, iOmega, Lenovo, Microsoft, Oracle, Ozaki, Samsung, Sony, and other participating brands (notebooks, desktops, peripherals, monitors, printers, storage, speakers, cameras, iPod accessories and a lot more) in this year's MSI-ECS’ Great I.T. Sale on December 8-10, 2009, 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM at the MSI-ECS Office, Topy II Building, 3 Economia Street, Libis, Quezon City.

HP Notebooks Pricelist
Warehouse Sale Pricelist

For more details, please call 688-3180 to 83 or visit

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Save Now with Zenni Optical

My little girl started wearing prescription glasses when she was 5 years old. Ever since she wore her first pair, I knew I had to start allotting a part of our yearly budget for 3 pairs the most, every year. Why? Because she needs: one for school, one in the bedroom for reading and a multicoated one for using the computer or watching TV. Sounds a lot, but there should always be extra pairs in case one gets misplaced.

We all know the gift of sight does not come cheap nowadays, so when I first heard of $ 8 Rx eyeglasses, I felt excited yet doubtful at the same time. But there’s Zenni Optical on TV!!! And I have also read the High Five to Zenni Optical that got me convinced they were indeed selling quality glasses to get these very good reviews.

Shopping for glasses at Zenni lets me save even more than half of what I would normally spend for my daughter’s glasses, and even fashionably, at that. They have stylish choices that would fit her well especially this back to school season. I know she would love this one in her favorite color!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Chestene's Monalisa

'Chestene's Monalisa'

Meet my Little Picasso's first painting on canvas! I know, it's not very much like the famous Mona Lisa, but I'm really happy she came up with this masterpiece. She painted this lady (sorry I forgot the title she gave this!) sometime in January of this year. And knowing me, who is perennially busy with all sort of things (important or otherwise), I forgot to post it earlier as usual.

Since I don't want to influence her painting style, I just let her choose the subject, colors and off she painted away. This is her concept of a beautiful lady at her age-- still untainted and unprejudiced.

It's amazing how children remind us some of the the best lessons in life we tend to forget-- be what you are and think outside the box and society standards.

Once again, I'm thankful I have my Little Lady to teach me that.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

“You’re the 1, Goldilocks”

They say that when you’re all grown and busy with adult life and all its entanglements, it’s easy to get jaded. True. And whenever that happens, I try to pull myself from the present and do a little reminiscing of happy memories from way back, when things were simpler.

The journey usually brings me back to my childhood and one of the most exciting days I looked forward to every year – my birthday. And in that almost blurry memory of home-cooked food, balloons, gifts, giggles and games, one thing always stood out – Dad, carrying my birthday cake in pink and white icing, embellished with colorful sugar flowers in one corner, where the beautiful princess donning a pretty pink gown gracefully rests.

So much has changed through the years that even Dad, the strongest man in the universe for me then, is now in his golden years surviving Congenital Heart Disease. Still, it’s amazing how the memory of a birthday cake makes me glow with so much love until now. I have my parents to thank for that.

I promised myself that when I become a mother, I will give my little one the same, if not, the best childhood memories I can create. But as fate would have it, unlike fairytale endings, the princess did not end up with a prince and lived happily ever after (well at least, not yet). I became a single parent with a beautiful, smart and talented daughter who is the love of my life. I thought it would be hard to build the same happy memories with my little girl without her Dad, carrying a birthday cake in pink and white icing, embellished with colorful sugar flowers in one corner, where the beautiful princess donning a pretty pink gown gracefully rests.

I'm glad, I was wrong.

Thank God for my wonderful supportive family, relatives and great friends, I am able to muster all the strength needed to brave the challenges of single parenthood. Good thing there is also Goldilocks, to make parenting life sweeter and my little girl’s birthdays even more magical than mine:

Background graphics and logo used courtesy of Goldilocks

From a true blue Goldilocks baby, you might want to try Chestene's Goldilocks Buttered Puto in Parmesan Cheese. She made this simple recipe last March, and it's been a family favorite eversince. Just roll the Puto in a generous bed of Parmesan Cheese and it's good to go!

I hope that someday when Chestene is all grown, and she looks back to recall happy memories of her childhood, she will remember me preparing her lunchbox favorites Fluffy Mamon, Egg Pie and Puto in Parmesan Cheese for her baon, our frequent trip to the neighborhood Goldilocks bakeshop after attending Sunday Mass to buy her favorite Hopia Monggo, the Cathedral Windows and Leche Flan “surprise” in small covered containers when I come home from the office, the Brazo de Mercedes she never gets enough of, as a prize for getting good grades in school, or Mommy holding the prettiest birthday cake with the brightest candles for her to blow.

But above all these, I hope she feels enveloped with the same glow of love that tells her how special and treasured she will always be, and how Mommy tried so hard to give her only the very best.

You’re the 1, Goldilocks because just like a true friend, you help me weave the sweetest memories of love and the real essence of being a family. Thank you for the gift of special memories that my daughter and I will cherish for a lifetime.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Flu Fairytale

"Once there was a beautiful young princess who lived in a big castle. She had everything she wanted; her parents gave her the most precious toys in the land.

But a room full of toys still failed to make her happy. She was never allowed to go out. The king and queen were worried about the terrible disease brought by a wicked witch that made a lot of people sick in town. So they waited for the good fairies to come and help them.

Until one day, the fairies came with a magic potion that will protect everyone from the dreadful disease that cursed the town. The king and queen were overjoyed when the helpful fairies gave them and the princess, a dose of the magic potion.

The young princess was very happy because she’s free to explore, once again! Since then, the town and its people became peaceful for a very long time.

And they all lived healthily ever after."

Okay, so I had to make up a flu fairytale when I was running out of ideas to convince my little girl to get vaccinated. She loves to read stories, and I thought this was a subtle way to convince her not to fear being injected. I even let her draw the princess and the ‘magic potion’ to complete the story. But we all know that life is no fairytale, and we have to face the harsh realities that we encounter on a daily basis, while searching for the happily (or healthily) ever after.

Currently, one of the harsh realities we have to deal with is the Influenza A(H1N1) virus that is continuously raising panic among countries due to the increasing number of cases and death reportedly caused by it. In times like this, we rely on both science and divine intervention to help us get through.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), efforts are underway to develop a vaccine covering the new flu virus strain. The best that we could do at the moment is to observe utmost vigilance, do preventive health practices, strengthen our immune system and get the currently available seasonal vaccine, for protection over other severe illnesses that kill 250,000 to 500,000 people each year.

I am relieved that my daughter and I were already Bakunado with the Vaxigrip Flu vaccine through Sanofi Pasteur Philippines’ Flu Awareness and Prevention Seminar, held at Max’s Tiendesitas last March 7, 2009. I am also glad to say that to date, we haven’t experienced any side effect - no fever or flu, unlike the common misconception that most people contract them, after undergoing vaccination.

I admit it gave me a certain degree of confidence knowing that both of us are shielded from several Influenza virus strains that can attack anyone anytime, especially those who are most vulnerable.

Who should be vaccinated?

* Any person who desires to reduce the likelihood of becoming ill with influenza
* Children 6-59 months
* Adults and children with risk factors:
- Chronic cardiovascular disease (e.g. congestive heart failure, hypertensive
cardiovascular disease, valvular heart disease, rheumatic heart disease, stroke)
- Chronic lung disease (e.g. COPD, asthma, bronchiectasis, malignancies, chronic PTB)
- Chronic metabolic disease (diabetes)
- Chronic renal dysfunction
- Hemoglobinopathies
* Children and adolescents who are receiving long term aspirin therapy
* Immunosuppressed or those with weakened immune system
* Residents of nursing homes and chronic care facilities
* Pregnant women on their 2nd and 3rd trimester who have not received their flu
vaccine within the last 12 months
* Persons who can transmit influenza to those at risk: health care workers and other
personnel of out patient care settings, hospitals, nursing homes, and chronic care
facilities; Household contacts and caregivers of person at risk
* Persons who provide essential and emergency community services, students and
other persons in institutional settings


An ounce of prevention is always better than a pound of cure. And like any responsible individual, we need to act now than regret when it’s already too late.

What preventive measures have you taken to ensure your health safety and that of your family? Are you ready to respond to the challenge of being immunized from flu? Then arm yourself with more flu facts by visiting to learn why this is one of the important life-saving shots you should get today.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's My Birthday and I'll Cry if I Want to...

Two things today:

1. Happy Mother's Day!

From my number 1, taken at 12 midnight. :)

2. My Day!

And this started the heavy downpour...


WE wish for you the self confidence to say no when it is necessary and the strength to stand alone.

When you encounter difficulties and contradictions, do not break them but bend them with gentleness with time.

Whatever you decide, whoever you become, OUR love for you is unconditional: OUR arms and hearts are always open to you. When the world closes in and lies so heavily upon you… remember that WE care.

When the ones with whom you share your life seem like strangers… remember that WE care.

Carry These Thoughts in Your Heart Forever…

If we could stand beside you always, WE would.
If we could carry over all obstacles, WE would.
If we could turn all your tears to laughter, WE would.

That is how we want you to know that being your parent has been one of our greatest joy!

Happy Birthday KC

Loving MOM (at 61) & DAD (at 72)

I told you it rains on my birthday, every single year.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mark Wahlberg Wears Pacquiao

I'm not a huge boxing fan like my Dad and almost every single one of the male populace, but I always watch Manny Pacquiao's fights on TV. I'm a true blue Filipino, after all.

Well, who wouldn't be proud of the first boxer in history to achieve a 4th Lineal World Title, and the second boxer in history to win a 6th Division World Title? Definitely, not me.

Anyways, after his remarkable knockout victory over Hatton last Sunday, I saw this:

Yes, it's Mark Wahlberg wearing this red Pac gear:

Apparently, the guy is a big fan of Manny:

"I've come to see the man," Wahlberg said on HBO's De La Hoya/Pacquiao 24/7. "Freddie's been a friend of mine for a long time, and I'm a big fan of Pacquiao. It's nice to see him in person. I've seen him fight a couple times, but to see him this up close and personal is worth the trip. I'm going to bring my son down. I have a ring in my house because I've been training to do the Irish Micky Ward story for a couple of years. My son's always beating me up, and he calls himself Pacquiao."
Need I say more?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

April Top Entrecard Droppers

It's gratitude time once again!

First, I would like to thank this group who deserves some link lovin' for being my consistent Entrecard droppers for the month of April. Bloggers who, despite my utter delinquency in dropping back, took time to visit me several times last month. As a way of showing my gratitude, I have advertised on these sites, regardless if they carry EC paid ads on them or not:
Programming Made Easy
Mr Soleh’s Outburst
Warcraft Blog
On The Bricks
First Time
Freelunch Comics
Jean sQuared
Beethoven Midi

On the other hand, a new group of lovely people was added to my list of Followers:

Please click on the icons/avatars to visit their cool sites!

And to everyone else who continuously support, read and subscribe to this blog along with my Entrecard friends and Followers, my sincere thanks and wishes of peace and blessings!
***~ DOMO ARIGATO ~***

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

I Dream of Kissimmee

A friend was raving about her recent vacation, and I could only sigh over the detailed account of her seemingly marvelous trip. While a break for me right now is in order, not to mention long overdue and truly deserved, I have to think of priorities that need immediate attention. Well, they never go away, do they?

In times like this, I couldn’t help but wish for a generous sponsor who can send me off somewhere out of town or to be lucky enough to win a trip through a free drawing or sweepstakes. Why not? Although I’m aware that finding a sponsor maybe hard these belt-tightening days, one can always find generous companies or groups holding fantastic giveaways.

As you all know, I’m a freebie fanatic and luckily, I always stumble upon opportunities that can be had absolutely free. So here’s a hot tip, Kissimmee is holding a sweepstakes for three (3) getaways and two (2) weeklong vacations!

I've only read about Kissimmee, but my imagination had already wandered off to sunny Florida. Their fabulous theme parks like Walt Disney World® Resorts' Magic Kingdom® Park and Disney's Hollywood Studios™ among others, are perfect not only for my 7-year old, but for me as well, who never really stopped being young-at-heart. Moreover, I’m excited to check out the antique shops for great bargains and discover some new cuisine at the local restaurants. I’m sure that the moment I set foot there, there will be a lot more exciting things to do.

There are three (3) draw dates for the Kissimmee Freedom Sweepstakes scheduled April 1, May 1, and June 1, 2009; so if you missed the chance to win earlier, don’t hold back and take a shot at winning a FREE vacation now!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I’m a Pirate and I’ve Joined the Mafia

My Mafia stats
Yes! Are you either, or both?

I’ve been giving my Facebook account some lovin’ lately, and along with it inadvertently came the opportunity to become a pirate and join the mafia. Who doesn’t need a breather, eh? I’m turning a year older in less than 2 weeks, and in between personal and career stress, there are a thousand things running through my mind that I’d rather not disclose. I’m sure you know the pressure of growing a bit older each year, so I think you get the idea.

While I'm counting the days until the day, if you’re already on Facebook and you feel like plundering and doing some hitlist jobs in your free time, then why not join my Pirate Crew and Mafia Family? Just drop me a line here or click on my Facebook badge to add me up.

This should be fun. :)
KCee de Guzman's Facebook profile

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Always a Bridesmaid

I've never been married, and I really wouldn't mind being called the perpetual bridesmaid or maid of honor. But my least favorite part of being on someone else's wedding is being forced to wear a dress, just because it matches the bride's favorite color or the wedding theme.

To end this dilemma, I promised myself that the next time I'd be given a chance to be part of the bridal entourage, I would recommend a store that doesn’t only have the best bridal prices in the market, but a wide range of beautiful designs as well that no bride could resist.

Now, that would make me a happy and helpful bridesmaid, for a change.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Lessons of Easter

I hope all of you had a very meaningful Holy Week. The long weekend passed by so quickly. I just thought I’d share with you my memorable Easter celebration this year.

My Little Lady took part in the recently held Parish Easter celebration as one of the angels who sang in the traditional Salubong, where the images of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary, reunited in front of the church coming from two separate processions, to dramatize their union after Christ’s resurrection.

In last year’s Salubong, Chestene was part of the choir of angels; but this year, she was chosen among more than 20 children to be the ‘Queen of Angels’. She was made to sing the Latin song Regina Coeli Laetare, and she got the part. I was surprised and honored to know that she was chosen.

The group practiced for 3 days. I went with her to the 3rd and final practice where I almost had a heart attack watching her more than 10 feet high in a makeshift stage:

Chestene at the topmost center

The stage rehearsal took almost 3 hours, so just imagine how nervous I was, praying the whole time that she wouldn't slip. She also had to practice lifting the veil of the Virgin Mary through a hole just at the back of her spot. Although tired, she was still happy and excited.

We went to church 4:00 am, and the rest is history, as they say. Except for a minor technical problem with the microphone, the unveiling and the song went very well.

The "Salubong"

After the program, I overheard the teacher saying there’s supposed to be another angel who will sing with the Little Lady during the program, but was not given a microphone. Then she remarked, “Siguro, siya (Chestene) talaga ang gusto ng Diyos” (Maybe, God really wanted her).

The last line lingered on my mind. Yes, I also believe God had chosen her, and I'm thankful for that privilege. It could have been two angels leading the song, but that part must have been really meant for her alone.

Suddenly, I realized it’s like God’s message for me wrapped in a different context, and yet, it hit me right on the spot: No matter what, if something is meant for you, then it shall be yours in His perfect time. Sometimes I forget that all I need to do is trust and wait. There are times when I get impatient rather than eager and thankful, of the blessings that are yet to come.

This Easter has been truly memorable, not only because of my little queen of angels, but with the important lessons God reminded me of today.

Happy Easter, everyone!

'Queen of Angels', Easter 2009

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Friday, April 10, 2009

Charter's April HDTV Giveaway

How would you like to take home a lovely 22” flat screen HDTV for FREE? Better yet, set aside some space in your home’s entertainment area for a brand new 52” LCD flat screen HDTV and a Home Theater System?

Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not! You can actually own these, when you join Charter Communications’ HDTV-a-Day Sweepstakes, where there are 30 units of 22” Samsung HDTVs to be given away daily for the month of April, plus a 52” Sony Bravia HDTV, Sony Home Theater System and one year free Charter Digital Cable® with HD programming for one lucky grand prize winner!

Charter Communications, in its continuous effort to adapt to new trends and cater to the growing needs of consumers, regularly offers its customers quality services with extra perks that make purchasing their products truly, money well spent. They gave away laptops, game systems and a 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid last year, so it’s not really surprising if they’re back with another fabulous contest for this year.

The giveaway is open to all new and upgrading customers. All orders for the month of April will automatically qualify for the giveaway upon installation. Hop on now to their website to know more about this generous promotion.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Where is the Manager?

One of the vivid childhood memories that I have, is fun weekends with my family. As a military officer, Dad had a lot of provincial assignments then, so whenever he’s in town with Mom (yes, she went with him all the time), he made sure that we spend our weekends with fun activities.

The usual routine was to go shopping first, and then eat in our favorite Chinese restaurant, The Bamboo House (in Cubao) where I usually end up unzipping my jeans due to a bulging tummy full of sumptuous Chinese dishes. After a hefty lunch, we head to the movie house and watch a Superman, James Bond, Jet Lee or Jackie Chan movie. The last stop is at the carnival for some games and rides.

It’s easy to remember the fun part of those memories, but along with it came the lessons that I didn’t know I had taken by heart.

“Where is the manager?” I heard this question too many times in my lifetime, and it always comes from Dad.

He’s never the loud and fussy type, but whenever there’s a need to call somebody’s attention whether it’s due to a major complaint such as poor service or a minor inconvenience encountered in an establishment, he asks straight for the big guy always. And every time, I noticed that his concerns were always easily addressed when he talks directly to the manager.

My sister and I learned through his example.

My Turn

I don’t always ask for the manager. I’m typically the patient and persevering customer; generally forgiving of slight slips and inefficiencies. So the moment I open my mouth or start writing what I’d rather not verbally express, that’s when you’ll know that I’ve been pushed to the limit.

Some situations do not merit verbal confrontation, even if the concerned individual/group displays the most unprofessional behavior. It’s too tempting to indulge in one; but is it really worth it? Sure, it would feel good to spew words dipped in venom, or tell somebody to crawl in a hole and get a life or something, if only to release an emotional rage. But as a civilized individual, one has to rise above that and stick to the fundamentals of being objective.

The wise thinks before he acts. It takes breeding, composure and a lot of deliberation to muster the self control needed to avoid stooping down to somebody's level. This actually makes me remember a scene in The Parent Trap, where the well-bred Lindsay Lohan twin delivered in British accent: “I, have class, and you don’t.” True enough, those who have class, won’t.

I would normally compose a two-page complaint letter that narrates the situation in detail, how the inefficient act was committed, suggestions on how to prevent its future occurrence, and the mandatory recommendation for the concerned staff/group to undergo a refresher course in customer service.

So far, I received immediate responses from biggies like French Baker and Jollibee who I believe value the importance of delivering customer satisfaction.

When to call the "Big Boss"

It’s easy to manage these day-to-day inconveniences. But life is not like a business establishment where you can call the manager to fix a situation when things don’t live up to your standards. In a broader aspect, when it’s hard for humans to render sound judgment to life-changing issues, when it’s easy to be emotionally beaten, misjudged and persecuted, when all else fails and there is no one to turn to, it’s comforting to know that we can always call on the "Big Boss" to serve perfect justice.

This Holy Week, we are again given the chance to set aside a few days from work, not to go on a fancy vacation, but to ponder on how we’re leading our lives according to the higher plan. We must ask ourselves: Have we done our own share of misdeeds to others worth complaining to the Big Boss? Are we the victims of those who rejoice in the misery of their neighbors? Are we ultimately living the life our Creator wants us to lead?

You know who you are. You know what you’ve done. You know what you’ve failed to do. You know what you must do.

Have a meaningful Holy Week. :)

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Enjoy 75-80% Off from Sears

I am not called a bargain hag if I don’t have the eye for a good clearance sale. As with most online and offline finds, I always try to share with you, dear friends and readers, how to spare some cash - even cents for that matter, by giving sale alerts whenever I can.

It’s always a pleasure to search for fab finds at more than half the price slash that translates to great savings. Well today, Sears takes this sweet spotlight because they have an ongoing sale happening at their stores. Yes, they are taking away a hefty 75 up to 80% off original prices on their fall and winter apparel until April 18, 2009! As any smart shopper would advise, it’s always best to do shopping during season sales, so stock up and hoard if you must.

I browsed through the selections and here’s a favorite pick for my little girl - the Southpole Girl’s Velour Butterfly & Logo Hoodie. As you all know, I love pink in all forms, and this girly piece is quite irresistible with the soft fabric and pretty butterfly embroidery all for only $3.99 - definitely a steal from its original price of $36!

You too can penny-pinch while picking a little something for the whole family from a wide range of categories, so visit them now before stocks run out.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

Last Saturday, March 28, at exactly 8:30 pm, we turned off the main power switch to join countries across the globe in observance of Earth Hour. It was the shortest, yet the most meaningful hour I shared with my family for a good cause.

While all the neighbors went on with their usual activities, wondering why it was 'brownout' in this particular house, we explained to the little ones why we had to turn off the electricity for a while. We wanted to instill the significance and impact of the event in their bright young minds.

Earth Hour Kids

So how did you spend Earth Hour 2009? Did you vote for Earth? This is how the Philippines joined the global event:

Earth Hour 2009 Philippines

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Officially Bakunado sa FLU!

Believe me, it's not as painful as it looks!

I told you I am SO getting a Flu vaccine for myself and the Little Lady.

Well, we did!

Last March 7, Sanofi Pasteur Philippines, in collaboration with Nuffnang Philippines, conducted the 2nd wave of the Flu Awareness and Prevention Seminar at Max’s Tiendesitas, Pasig City. I was given the opportunity to attend this event along with fellow bloggers, parents and their children alike.

No less than Sanofi Pasteur’s medical director, Dr. Ruby Mendoza-Dizon talked about Influenza and its potential harmful implications especially during flu season.

We usually dismiss the common cold and cough as a normal occurrence during season transitions that can be remedied by popping a cold medicine, taking cough syrup, increased fluid intake and bed rest. But not everybody is aware that it could lead to Flu – a highly contagious respiratory disease that can be life-threatening to high-risk individuals of all ages.

I had been a victim of Flu on many occasions and have painfully survived it by taking doctor-prescribed medicines and ample bed rest, but it also resulted to a lot of absences from work. Nobody knows if I’d be as lucky to recover easily with the next strain of Flu virus that will hit me, so when Nuffnang invited me for the second time (that’s right, because I missed the first one), I made sure to grab the chance of getting bakunado and being protected from the Influenza virus for the rest of the year. The vaccine costs around P1,500-P2,000 per shot – the exact same amount of savings I had that day, multiplied by two!

I thought the Little Lady won’t qualify for vaccination because she had colds that time. Some vaccines have certain limitations, but Vaxigrip turns out to be generally safe for everyone except for those who have genuine allergy or hypersensitivity to eggs. It's a killed vaccine, which means contrary to a popular misconception, it will not cause anyone to get the Flu after being vaccinated. There is also no need to be isolated from other family members in the household, and one can resume normal activities after receiving it.

Here's a video of my Little Lady taking the Flu shot in painful anticipation - facial expression and all, only to be surprised when it turned out to be painless!

"Sorry, Mom. I did not believe you," was all she said after the shot. I told her earlier that "It will only feel like an ant bite" (I didn't believe this either, but what's a mom got to say?) Lucky for us, the one who administered the vaccine - Sanofi's Product Manager Ms. Bing Sonsona, did it painlessly perfect. No side effects, no sore arms!

Huh, that's it?

With Nuffnang beauties Jing and Roanna

Thank you Sanofi Pasteur and Nuffnang! :)