Friday, December 12, 2008

Web Hosting, Anyone?

For newbies like me in the blogging world, one of the issues I had to deal with is getting my own blog domain and webhosting. I never really realized this until after a couple of months of blogging using a free platform.

I learned along the way and have lately succumbed to the need, yearning and pressure of having my own domain. I feel it was a timely shift to give my blog a sense of independence in the blogosphere, yet I remain tied to free hosting. I know eventually I will have to get stable hosting in my journey to ultimate blogging freedom.

Personally, just like shopping for gifts this Christmas, I always look for the best price, value, reliability and great customer support. They say it’s a ‘jungle out there’, and with the bulk of information online, we oftentimes get confused as to which site offers the real deals.

One of the sites I find useful in search for the best web hosts is Web Hosting Geeks. They feature the best web hosting providers in the market today and have reviews, ratings and even awards that will surely help every web hosting shopper to choose the best service provider. It's great that I can select with confidence from a comprehensive list and decide which one best fits my needs.

Shopping is a breeze if you know exactly where to find it, right?