Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas at the Mall

I took the Little Lady with me to the office, the day before Christmas Eve. Generous officemates gave her and one of her BFFs, Marianne, who was also there at the time, cash gifts and goodies.

Though tired after greeting everybody a merry Christmas that day, they both had a great time and a bag of gifts each to bring home!

After office, we went for some last minute shopping at the Powerplant Mall, where I took pictures of the little one (Surprise! Surprise!) with the mall’s Christmas animal display.

And yes, her green shirt says "I HEART MOM (more than Santa)" ^^,

I’ve also included below, other photos of her and another BFF from school, Mikaela, taken earlier at the same mall, after their school Christmas party last December 18.

Can you blame me for NOT missing out on photo opps like these? :)

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