Thursday, November 27, 2008

Celebrating Life!

Today is a special day.

No birthdays or other usual occasions to celebrate, except that today marks the fifth year since my Dad had an operation to save his life from Cancer of the vocal cord.

We are celebrating life!

It has always been said that if a Cancer patient survives the critical five year period after surgery without recurrence of the disease, then he has a better chance of remaining Cancer-free for the rest of his life.

Whether it's true or not, we are just thankful that after five years, Dad is currently in good shape and responding well to treatment for his new condition, which is Congestive Heart Failure.

Memories of that painful chapter will always be kept treasured in our hearts, for it has made both our faith and family ties stronger in a lot of ways.

In a few days time, he will be celebrating his 72nd birthday. More than anything, we look forward to spending longer quality years with him.

Congratulations and cheers to great health and a long life ahead, Dad! We love you very much!


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P.S. I made the personalized Time Magazine cover last year for his 71st birthday.