Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Finding the Perfect Gift

My Mom is a woman of discriminating taste. Eversince childhood, I always had the repetitive dilemma of looking for the perfect birthday, Mothers’ Day, Christmas and wedding anniversary gift fit for our queen.

Not that she demands an exquisite piece; I’ve just set a certain standard because I believe she simply deserves it.

Her 61st birthday is on January 3 next year, and the following day, January 4, she will be celebrating her 40th wedding anniversary with my Dad. On special occasions one after the other, who wouldn’t have a hard time searching for ideal gifts?

One thing that I know she would appreciate having right now is a new set of prescription glasses. She’s been complaining about not having enough time to squeeze in a trip to the mall to get herself a new pair, due to her busy schedule in Church work.

I have a busy schedule myself, but I could always order online! There are stylish Holiday frames currently available, that I’m sure she would love. I picked a particular design that I believe, fits her personality and taste to a T. The frame detail is perfect!

Should she need an extra pair, I wouldn’t mind getting her another one. The frames are made of good quality and yet surprisingly reasonably priced. I think it would be sweet to get my Dad a matching pair for their anniversary.