Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Early Christmas Bonus

Christmas came early to this blog when Mark, the man behind Visual Talking informed me that I was one of the winners in the Run for Impressions contest they held recently at dNeero. He didn’t say which place I got, but I was thankful nevertheless!

Honestly, I never thought I stood a good chance because there were hundreds of participants; but when asked in the survey if I’m going to be one of the bonus recipients, I answered YES without batting an eyelash. Everybody who took part in the survey was given the chance to get the most number of impressions before 1000 hours or until October 20, 2008.

Prizes at stake were the following: ten bonus recipients! ... $1,000 at stake!! ... top impression getter will receive $300, the next nine will get, in order, $250, $150, $100, $75, $50, $30, $20, $15, $10.

I confirmed I won third place when dNeero transferred $167.25 to my PayPal account! I got the $150 bonus plus $17.25 from the past surveys I joined. Payments are automatically sent when a member reaches $20.

Well here's another $1.00 survey! Are you a member of dNeero? If not, join now, earn extra and take advantage of opportunities like this. All you have to do is answer the survey and post it to your blog or any social networking site. Click here to join now!