Saturday, October 11, 2008

A New Address and A New Home

I was busy.

Actually, sick and busy. Oh, make that sick and busy with writer’s block. So there.

If you haven’t noticed yet, I’ve finally let go of the beloved ‘blogspot’ extension in my URL. It took me months rationalizing with myself about getting my own domain, and I always end up putting it off.

It was not until a BIG (really big, that I have to type it in all caps) opportunity passed me by recently because I didn’t have my own domain, that I realized I should have done it earlier.

Oh, well...

The Move

After getting a series of errors from Entrecard one night, I got bored and decided to buy a domain without much thinking.

I’ve been reading posts on how easy it is to move from Blogspot to a custom domain, so I went ahead with it. Indeed, they were right because moving was a breeze. In fact, it felt like I did not move at all!

There was no major transfer whatsoever; all I did was to add the CNAME record ‘www’ which points to in my Total DNS Control Panel, sign in to my Blogger account and go to Settings – Publishing – Advanced Settings to input the new address and tick the redirect option:

After a few minutes, when I tried to type my new URL, it already points to the old address and vice versa. I told you it was easy! You have to remember though, that it’s best to buy your domain from Blogger itself or recommended partners GoDaddy and eNom, so you won’t have to struggle with the configuration.

What Now?

So there goes my Alexa and Technorati ranks *sobs*. Although they are still attached to my old blogspot URL which redirects itself here, still, I need to rebuild them again for this new domain.

Since I’m a member of PayPerPost, Sponsored Reviews, Social Spark, etc., I don’t know how this will affect my current ratings and statistics. This may mean fewer opportunities in the meantime, but I’m positive that the shift will mean greater avenues for income resources.

What else should I look out for? Based on your experience, aside from the decreased rankings, what other effects does a domain change entail? Do share your thoughts.

A Tiny Favor

Given the above, I would like to ask you guys to kindly update my link in your blogrolls to –AND, please add my new baby, 'In My Red Heels'. Yes! After going barefooted for months, I’d like to try blogging three to four inches higher from the ground this time, in red heels no less! ;-P

Please visit my second home and tell me what you think. ^^,