Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Childhood Crush and the Billboard Model

Before I went back to work last week, I scheduled myself for a follow-up check up on my eyes. I originally called to meet our EENT doctor-friend, but the secretary suggested that I see the Ophthalmologist instead, which was reasonable, as he is obviously the expert when it comes to eye problems and diseases.

I already spoke with that eye doctor on the phone the day before, but I insisted on seeing a different one because judging by the surname, I had a hunch that he's my long lost childhood crush when I was in Grade 5! Yes, it's been a long time ago, but the thought of speaking to him face to face made me elementary nervous.

Not that we're close or had a thing in the past; we were from different sections. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't remember me at all. I was never a popular girl in school. For 2 years, I was contented to see him at school gatherings like the flag ceremony every morning, P.E. (Physical Education) days, the rosary month where we all pray the rosary all mornings of October, and other school activities. We never even danced at the prom; and I still wonder if dancing with him then would have made a difference.

Well, after all the apprehensions I struggled with on not showing up for that appointment, it turned out that it wasn't 'him', but his brother. At least now I know, that they are both doctors.

I forgot that the last time I heard his name was in our church, during the wedding banns announcement. What was I thinking? That guy is sure to be married by now.

Oh, maybe I was just curious. Deep inside, I just want to see him again to compare how much he's changed over the years. To see if his eyes still disappear when he smiles, or if he still looks like the shorter version of Benicio del Toro.

Then I saw an old souvenir program from my mom's shelf where his family had a half-page ad. I saw my eye doctor there and 'him', still with the Benicio del Toro smiling eyes, yet  pounds and pounds heavier.

Didn't you ever wish you could bump into your childhood crush again?

Fast forward

On my way home that same check-up day, I saw the new giant billboard of Dingdong Dantes along Edsa. He's wearing boxers this time, which I think is better that the previous ad where he came out in briefs.

Don't get me wrong, he looked really good in all his naked glory then, but the public was torn between looking at his muscular body and the briefs that seem to have some more extra space in them to be filled. ^J^

What surprises me is that I wasn't attracted to the guy at all. Sure, he looks like a dream boy. Had I seen this 15 years ago, I would have developed an instant infatuation in a matter of minutes.

Ahh, I must be getting old.

Times have indeed changed. And I realized that as one grows older, preferences also change and mature. Most women my age (I can't speak for men, for they mature in a different pace and dimension) no longer fall for what's trendy or superficial, but what we look for now is resiliency and quality - a person's substance, character and principles.

The thing is, the kind of men who fall in my age bracket are mostly taken, if not, 'suspiciously' single, a bunch of forever bachelors or commitment phobes.

Where have the rest of the good men gone?

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