Saturday, September 27, 2008

Win an XBox 360!

I love contests! In fact, I write about them here, from time to time. Whenever I stumble upon a cool one, or when I get lucky enough to win a prize, I post it right away to share with everyone so each of us can take a shot at it.

Well, it’s been a while since I last won a giveaway, but I recently discovered another contest that has great prizes at stake. You could win an XBox 360, tickets to Michigan vs. Penn State (Saturday, October 18, 2008)
or a $100 Gift Certificate from Dick's Sporting Goods! Now, isn’t that awesome?

It’s really easy to join! All you need is to sign up as a member of SportsVids in order to participate in the contest. This site has a wide array of online sports videos, so I assure you that your membership would be well worth it.

Once registered, you will be given specific contest instructions, which will then provide you with a unique URL. The goal is to drive the most number of unique visitors through this URL to the SportsVids website. So put it in your blog and social networking sites, email it to your friends and spread the word!

One click from a unique visitor is equivalent to 1 Referral Point, and the top three members that will gain the most unique hits/Referral Points will win the contest.

Contest ends on September 30, 2008, so hurry, visit the link to join now!