Friday, September 26, 2008

Two Lessons I Learned from My Child Today

It’s been sometime since I last thoroughly organized the contents of my Little Lady’s school bag. So when I had the chance a while ago, I turned it upside down to get broken crayons, short and over-sharpened pencils, candies and lots of pieces of pad paper folded into different shapes.

Some of them crumpled, while the others are neatly folded with the label “secret” on top. No- they are not love letters this time. :)

I patiently looked at each piece of paper. I'm not the type to throw things right away; I'm too sentimental for that. I keep her notes, drawings and anything worth saving to stash in her memory box.

In the pile of paper, there were drawings, quizzes, stories, letters from her classmates and her own letters to God. Everyday her teacher asks the students to write to God first thing in the morning, before starting class. What a way to start the day!

It made me think of my own daily prayer habit. Sometimes, I forget to say my morning prayers because I’m always rushing off to work; then at night, when I feel so tired, I doze off without even saying, “Thank you, Lord.”

I'm guilty to the nth degree.

Lesson #1: Always put God first.

We get too busy and sometimes self-absorbed in our own world, to even say a quick prayer to the ONE who gave us everything we have today.

It's always good to start the day with a prayer to ask for strength and protection to carry out our daily tasks, guidance to do what is right and just, and both physical and spiritual blessings to get us through.

She was happy when she came home today because she received a St. Michael medal for sharing last Sunday’s Gospel. I thought she found the paper she’s been looking for early this morning - her interpretation of the Gospel. She was very eager to show it to Sr. Estrella, a nun in her school, but it turned out that she wasn’t able to find her work, so she just explained it to the class. The nun commended her because she knew the Gospel not only in words, but by heart.

Lesson #2: Listen and understand the Gospel.

How often do you find yourself sleepy in church when it comes to hearing the priest’s sermon? Why do people start to feel drowsy at that exact moment?

A priest once said that it must be the work of the devil, and I believe him. I always experience being awake the whole time, but when the sermon starts, my eyes feel heavy right away as if I’ve been sprinkled with sleeping dust; only to feel awake again the minute it’s done.

Psychological? I don't think so.

When people fail to hear the Gospel, they miss out on the teaching; and that makes the devil rejoice. It’s like going to class, falling asleep during the lecture, learning nothing and flunking the exams afterward.

God asks for only an hour of our time each week, and yet we come late, fall asleep, and become altogether inattentive while we're in His home.

Why is it so hard to spare an hour of undivided attention to Him, when we can do meetings and appointments that we willingly devote our focus and attention to?

They say it's human nature. Yes, we always blame it to human nature.

I’m thankful I have my daughter to constantly remind me of important lessons I’m missing out because I’m too jaded and preoccupied living my life as a multitasked adult.

She nudges me to stop and smell the flowers once in a while. She is my life, but I never thought I could also learn from her how to truly live.

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