Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Art, Revisited

Scrapbook Saturday
I did some digging through my old stuff and dusty books and look what I found for this week's Scrapbook Saturday.

These two freehand drawings were done in the early 90's. The portrait of Miriam Defensor-Santiago, a political figure in the Philippines, was my first charcoal painting (July 1990); I made the Hallmark baby four years after, on March 1994. I call it such, because I copied the photo from a black and white greeting card.

I can't remember where I stashed my other artworks. Guess it's high time to do a little organizing. :-)

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Graphic Elements by: Sooze, Adeyeo and Rainbow7203 of

P.S. This is a super late post because Blogger had problems uploading earlier. I just posted it anyways. :)

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