Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fancy a Free Makeover?

Remember I wrote a while back about how to make an easy digital slideshow out of your photos through Roxio online? Now, the same company has recently cooked up a fun show called Roxio Digital Makeover, which aims to help average Joes make the most out of their digital lives.

Let’s face it, even though we already live in the digital age, some people are still in the dark when it comes to technology, as they are not aware that there are already simple ways to use it for their maximum benefit.

Well, this show demonstrates how anyone can do their own photo slideshows in a snap. Check out the episodes they have online and see what it’s like. I personally like the "Wedding Day Crunch", where the funny team of Chris and Zoey helped a couple to create a slideshow for their wedding.

What’s even great is that anyone could actually be the star of this show, just by entering their contest. Entrants are also given the chance to win great stuff like HDTV, cameras and other digital goodies! So head on over there and take a shot on being a Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover future star or taking home some of their cool prizes.

Sponsored by Roxio Digital Makeover