Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Entrecard 102: Next to the Basics

Entrecarders know by heart the importance of spending their precious credits on advertising, with the hope that their time-consuming and sometimes carpal-tunnel-syndrome-causing Entrecard dropping will not be wasted in vain.

If you are a newbie who don’t have enough credits to advertise on a popular site, you are only left with 3 choices:

1. Drop like crazy!A fast and sure means to amass credits.

2. Hope and pray the advertising rate for the blog you got your eye on lowersThough highly unlikely, especially if the owner is a very active Entrecard member, it’s worth a shot. Just put it on your watch list and be ready to seize the moment when it does happen.

3. Purchase credits
you should only purchase credits from trustworthy sources. When I say trustworthy sources, you should foremost consider the sellers’ background:

- Is the seller an Entrecard member?
- Is he/she a new member with a young or spam-looking blog?

- Is he/she a dedicated/serious dropper or a drop master?
- Does it cost a lot to advertise on his/her site?
- Does he/she have a high popularity ranking in Entrecard?
- Is he/she selling at an outrageously low rate per 1,000 credits?

- Did he/she win a large amount of credits from a contest somewhere?

- Is the seller leaving Entrecard that’s why he/she is selling all the credits?

Answers to the above questions would be helpful in discerning if a seller is indeed capable of selling genuine credits acquired through valid means.

If a seller is just a new Entrecard member, has a young and spam-looking blog and sells 5,000 ECs for $3.00, then you might have to think twice.

Of course, the most reputable seller would be Entrecard itself, with the current selling price of $9.50 for
1,000 credits.

Entrecard Advertising

We don’t know how our blogs perform in terms of getting clicks for our EC advertisers unless we ask them how it turned out, when we get repeat business from them, or when other thoughtful bloggers do their gratitude link love for top performing ads and you are on the list.

Not all advertising days are created equal in the EC world. Advert clicks highly depend on a blog’s traffic for the day. If it has a good advertising day (clicks from its own EC adverts placed that day), your advert on that site has a greater chance of getting visited too.

There are only a handful of sites that consistently yield good results; while most sites have a balance of high and low performing days. So before advertising, try to keep these in mind first, before taking the plunge:

1. Not all expensive and popular sites give a guaranteed high number of clicks. Even if it’s too intriguing and tempting to advertise on an 8,192 site, it’s wise to think a couple of times before you let go of those hard-earned credits.

2. Don’t underestimate sites that have low ad rates, I have already experienced getting 100+ clicks from a 16 EC site.

3. Spend what you can only afford and set a reasonable ceiling.

4. Make the most from your credits by purchasing a mix of high and low-priced adverts from different categories and cross your fingers that you get little or no rejected ads.

5. A good friend advised that it’s also helpful to check the site’s Alexa ranking and number of subscribers before placing an ad. Good numbers give hope, but not assurance that your ad will be given enough exposure. You can download your Alexa Toolbar HERE.

6. Some sites have a naturally charming ‘clicky’ feel regardless of where the EC widget is placed. If it gives you that feeling, then by all means, advertise on it!

Why You Should Consider Advertising on Your Other Site

If you have confidence in someone’s site to drive traffic to yours, why not be confident in advertising in your other site/s as well? Entrecard allows us to do so, in good faith, and not to be used as a way to manipulate our advertising rates.

I have tried it with the little lady’s blog and hers in mine. Take a look:

So explore that option for it just might surprise you. Besides, no matter how high the price is, or even if it doesn’t perform well, still, your credits go back to you.

See what hard times bring? Ingenuity!

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