Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Diet and Me

I’ve been on a diet forever. It’s actually a mixed diet that makes me gain and lose weight alternately, depending on my appetite and metabolism. :)

Hah. So my body is not perfect and nowhere near a bony and catwalk-worthy physique, and more on the curvaceous-voluptuous side. But I love it!

Yes, I get tired of hearing comments about losing weight and gaining weight from some of my friends whenever I see them; as if the world revolves around the numbers on the weighing scale and there’s nothing else seem worth conversing about. But of course, in my mind, there will always be a permanent yearning for me to trim down a bit and to look my best in all aspects.

I want that to feel good about myself and not to please anyone else. I want it for me.

It will be utterly hypocritical to say that looks don’t matter. Looks DO matter. It’s one’s tangible representation to others. You need not be gorgeous to look good. I guess the effort to be clean, healthy and to carry a positive outlook is enough to exude the look that you are taking care of yourself.

Some work their tushies off the gym to get Madonna muscles, stone abs and rock-hard butts. I admire women who have the patience to sweat it all out just to achieve their desired shape.

I, on the other hand, don’t like to exercise much. I'm more comfortable doing regular activities such as walking, sleeping or singing, to burn off calories.

Yeah, sleeping and singing also burn off calories!

The greatest effort that I did was to enroll myself in Tae-bo class, and that was it. I figured there must be some way to shape up without getting all that sweaty (except for sauna and something else ^_^ of course). After all, it’s not my goal to have a body-building-competition-worthy body; I’m just interested to target and manage the usual problem areas that are always eager to grow faster than the rest of my body parts.

So I searched and read about diets that might help me achieve the body that I wanted without heavy exercise involved.

I tried the high protein-low carb diet, and it really worked for me. But after a few months of eating no sweets and bread at all, I started having dreams about Cinnabon rolls and Auntie Anne’s pretzels, so I snapped out of it.

For a couple of years I also went on a no-rice diet, but whenever I face ‘Binagoongan’ (shrimp paste with veggies/pork), ‘Laing’ (Gabi leaves in coconut milk), ‘tuyo/daing/danggit’ (dried fish) and other dishes in coconut milk, my willpower gets thrown out of the window.

When a diet deprives you of certain food, most especially your favorite food, it usually doesn’t work.

To be on the safe side, I always try to go for natural products. So I tried green tea, apple cider vinegar tonic, chili (which is normally a part of my daily diet) and other natural thermogenic products that aid fat burning without side effects.

Yes, they helped me manage my weight, but I’m still on the lookout for other products that are natural, and yet have faster slimming effects. Then I found this:

Risk free trial of Brazilian Weight Loss Natural Supplement

Natural Brazilian Weight Loss Supplement

Tempting, huh! Especially if you're just like me who loves free trials - the kind that won't cost you a cent if it doesn't work out.

So I checked it out and true enough, it's 100% natural (derived from the Hoodia plant) with no side effects, and anyone can try the product risk-free for 15 days. One just have to pay for shipping and handling; if after that period you're not satisfied, just cancel it anytime.

Well, they must be really confident about the product to have a deal like that.

Anyways, this diet supplement already got featured in the news (CBS, Today, BBC) and also in Oprah's "O" magazine, which makes it more interesting to try.

Hmmm. I guess I need to decide before the free trial runs out or I'll just have to go back to singing and drinking gallons of green tea to lose a pound. :-)