Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who Am I?: Just A Little Piece of Me

My self portrait?
My name is KCee.

'K' stands for Karen - meaning 'pure', 'C' for Claire - which stands for 'bright or brilliant', and 'ee' stands for nothing but additional letters to complete my nickname.

I am a Filipina with an English name, and a Japanese lineage from my mother side which explains the small eyes that disappear when I smile. :)

Moshi moshi! Nanika atta?

A Writer and Artist at Heart

It was in school where I first realized that I wanted to write, and it was destiny that led me to be a part of our university paper in college.

I was a new student then, when I came across the editorial exam schedule in one of the bulletin boards in school. It was the last day, and the exam was about to start in 30 minutes. Without much thinking and preparation, I took a shot at it.

A few days after, I was surprised to see my name on top of the list. I aced the exam; but since only graduating seniors were allowed to take the Editor-in-Chief position, I became Literary Editor instead. Nevertheless, I was happy. No. I was ecstatic! I was given the Managing Editor position thereafter, when they figured a way to give me a title equivalent to Editor-in-Chief, without making a technical violation.

Despite the student leader status, I kept a low profile. As a member of The College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP), we had regular scheduled meetings with then Vice President Estrada; none of which, I attended, as I always let one of my staff fill in for me.

As a student, I was never the kind who burned the midnight oil just to get an A in school; neither did I try so hard to impress my teachers just so I could get a grade that would look perfect in my report card. It's normal for me not to conform sometimes, especially if I find it boring, predictable and everybody wants to do it.

I loathed every form of Math subject and loved the ones that challenged my mind to think beyond the multiple choice type of questions that needed fixed answers, straight from the book.

All I wanted from school was to learn. That was my priority.

Intelligence is inherent; it's not something that you gain from memorizing books or hearing lectures in school. It is also a fact that there are many intelligent people who are illiterate. That's why I've always believed that school achievement (which can be manipulated) should not be the sole yardstick of a person's intelligence nor should it be considered the 'be all and end all' of going to school.

I love reading all kinds of books; I believe this fueled my passion for writing my own stories. I remember writing short stories and drawing my own comics pages when I was younger, to share with my classmates in school.

I currently write short romance novels in my spare time, while I do reports, studies and system analysis during my full time day job.

On the side, I'm also a freelance graphic artist. I do traditional drawing and painting, but ever since I got amused with digital graphic design, I tried to learn and earn from it at the same time.

You can check out some of my work here.

A Stagemom

I'm a proud mother to a smart and talented 7 year old who I lovingly refer to as the Little Lady in my posts. Ah, I love my daughter to bits, it's so hard not to show! :) In my future articles, I will write in detail the reason why I call myself as such.

The Optimist

An incurable positive thinker, I'm forever an optimist. I find beauty in the worst situations. It’s a gift; but it’s also a state of mind, so it can be done.

One of the philosophies that I'm glad I learned early in life, is not to worry over something I have no control over. So I just lift my cares and burdens up and let God do the rest.

If you really want to make the most out of living, you should never let worries consume you, or you will miss out on life itself.

Life, after all, is whatever we make it.

The Rest of Me

A typical Taurean, I'm stubborn and strong-willed. I'm not thrilled with structure; I feel it curtails my freedom.

I'm a bit of a rebel; I think that explains the fact that I was once enticed with student activism and idealism. Although I don't talk as much as I write, I can reason my way out through any kind of argument; that's why until now, my Dad still thinks I should become a lawyer. :)

I still hope to meet someone who is strong and patient enough to tame the bull in me and put a little structure in my life. I guess the search for my ever after makes me a hopeful romantic, huh?

Generally, I don't care about what other people think of me. I'm flattered that they lose sleep thinking about me and who I am. :) As long as I live according to my values and journey the path I think God wants me to take, then I'm on the right track.

I'm thoughtful, patient and persevering; but sometimes, to a fault. I forgive easily and don't keep a record of wrongs for too long, but I don't necessarily forget.

I like feel-good movies, music and singing, watching the sunset and nature's wonders, warm hugs and conversations over Starbucks Frapuccino, black coffee, tea or flavored herbal infusion. Sometimes, I'd rather stay home in the company of a good book than go out with friends.

A self-declared kitchen diva, I love to cook and bake. They say I make glorious pasta dishes; but you have to taste it to believe it! :) I generally love pies and pastries, pasta, chili peppers and spicy food, tamarind, dimsum, Japanese food, grilled food, Krispy Kreme donuts, fruit shakes, strawberry lemonade and pizza.

What else can I say? I have a humongous appetite that keeps me on the curvaceous-voluptuous side. Te-hee!

I seldom wear flats. I'm into wearing beautiful high-heeled shoes, willing to sacrifice comfort for beauty (only in footwear!), and love virtually anything in red and fuchsia.

Oops, have I said too much here? Any violent reactions? I just thought it's about time to have an 'About Me' page. ^^,

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