Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Although I have Japanese lineage, I only know a few Japanese words like this one. The word ‘Banzai’ literally means ten thousand years of life and is usually used and hollered in happy occasions with both arms raised, to express happiness together with a large group of people.

I think this is the reason why Screenlife created a game named after this very word – to play and celebrate happiness and fun with a group of people.

The Banzai game is a treat to those who are bored with the usual computer games. This unique game is ideal for a group of players, as it needs a lot of human interaction. I think it’s really cool because it also promotes bonding in the process.

I visited the site and played with the cute ‘Tako-gotchi’ by feeding him. Would you believe that the little Octopus-Sectopus (yeah, he lost 2 tentacles) also has a Myspace account and I don’t? :-O

To play the game, the group needs to watch the game’s DVD and they need to bet on the outcome of the funny stunts from the acclaimed Super Banzai Video Show. They bet by racing to fill the betting bowl with the use of chopsticks. Bowls are filled with sushi; and whoever wins all the sushi, wins the game!

Banzai is already available for purchase online. So if you’re thinking of a not-so-ordinary fun-filled game you can enjoy with your family and friends, get one now!

Tanoshinde tomo-tachi! :-D

ScreenLife Games
is at it again. They launched a new Banzai game. Check it out:

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