Thursday, August 28, 2008

When I Miss Someone…

We get hit by this virus once in a while.
Nobody gets spared; so we all get our share of melancholia and inexplicable longing over someone or something.

Fair enough?

While I lay down sick in my bed, my body was able to get the overdue rest it needed. I can almost hear it saying “Hey, slow down, relax and take a break, will ya?!”

It would have been much better if it came from someone I care deeply about. It would have given a warmer feeling if it came from another human being who cares back.

So I lay there, with my eyes closed, having my mandatory bed rest, but my mind is fully awake.

And then it hit me.

I was given the chance to remember people I never realized I miss a lot.
I was too preoccupied that I lost the thought for a while.

Never mind if those people hurt you in the past. Never mind if they broke their promises. Never mind if they missed to respond to your messages. Never mind if they are too busy to show they care. Never mind if they failed you. Never mind if they took you for granted. Never mind if they broke your heart into smithereens.

At this point, you don’t mind. Because all feelings of disappointment dissipate into thin air the moment we miss someone. Shortcomings get instantly erased.
For a while, we become defenseless and vulnerable.

If you have a forgiving heart just like mine, who don’t keep a record of wrongs for too long, those people are in luck - they get prayers instead of curses; they get a hug instead of a punch in the face when I do see them (yes, I punch when I get really angry! ;-P).

I’ve always conditioned myself not to linger over unhappy thoughts and to focus on the good, if not, great things that I’m blessed with. Because whenever I think of the good, it always compensates for whatever it is that's missing in my life. Besides, I trust that what I don’t have now will be given in God’s perfect time, so why fret?

It’s no big secret; but basically, that frame of mind helps me get through.

When I think of the people I miss, it always brings a smile, a chuckle and a few tears rolling down my cheeks. They have been, after all, once and will always be a part of me.

What do you do when you miss someone?

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