Monday, August 25, 2008

My Legacy to the Universe: Believe!


If I were to leave my message to the universe, this would definitely be my mankind motto:

“In order to achieve any dream, you have to first believe that you are capable of realizing it. The power of faith is immeasurable. Believe!”

In my own belief, opinion and experience, every aspiration starts to happen the moment someone believes in it - believing that it can actually exist, believing it can be achieved and believing that someone can make it happen. Faith, just like the existence of God, as a supreme being, is too immense for the human mind to fathom.

In the current trying times, as we are continuously being plagued with trials that weaken our faith, it blurs our vision towards believing that the future still holds great promise. We should not let these tribulations get in the way of our aspirations no matter what; for with faith, hope springs eternal.

I would like to leave this legacy to mankind, should this world eventually heads to extinction. (Though I certainly hope not!)

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