Wednesday, August 13, 2008

From Paper to Puter

Some find it too juvenile to write in a diary. I don’t. I believe nobody is too young or too old for this activity that actually empowers and inspires the writer in a lot of ways.

Sometimes it’s even better to tell the paper than a human being, personal stuff you’d never want to hear in the gossip circle. I also read somewhere before, that when you get really angry at someone, try to write your feelings down before you confront the person (or dig a hole in the ground and shout it all out!). And when you do see him/her afterwards, you will realize that you have already mellowed down, having placed the initial outburst and venom on paper. It’s a must try– yep, did it a loooot of times, and it really works!

The Paper to Puter title actually refers to the torn pages from the butterflies notebook. I don’t want to rewrite them again so I’ll just type them here instead:

“I've always felt a sense of security and comfort putting my thoughts on paper. Unloading what occupies the mind and heart, can be quite liberating. Also, the fact that the paper has no capacity to complain or whine over the whole drama, is a plus. Right now, I’d like to regard this conventional blogging as a venue where I put random ‘mature’ thoughts that I have in the here and now.

Though I still feel every inch of an 18-year old on the inside, the outside doesn’t quite follow, unfortunately, as it somewhat journeyed on its own to the inescapable aging-degenerating lane.

Lately, I’ve come quite used to the fact that I already get achy joints here and there when I walk for 10 hours in a mall, when I can do 12 hours before, without feeling tired and hungry. So my body is not what it used to be, thanks to gravity and free radicals (that we really get for free, literally– i.e. pollution). But I think what’s essential is that the state of mind stays young and positive and all else will follow. You may have streaks of gray hair, but it can look good on you if you carry it well.

It really depends on how one goes about something.
Talk about right approach. It makes a whole lot of difference.”