Thursday, August 28, 2008

Do I Give You “The Look?”

Some say that I effortlessly give “The Look”. How? I’m not quite sure. But according to my ex, he loves it when I just randomly run my fingers through my hair instead of brushing to fix it. It creates a look that he finds very sexy. Well, maybe for him and some other guys, that is my Victory Hair.

I never thought I send it out unconsciously, though. Well maybe, it transmits the message best when acted naturally in response to a certain stimulus, without really trying hard.

I am imagining my look to be more like the one in the photo. Parted lips with a slight smile just enough to reveal the dimple on my left cheek, eyes piercing straight through the victim's eyes (lol!), with my right eyebrow sporting an intimidating arch that can make any guy’s knees go wobbly.

Anyways, I find myself attracted to guys who don't get easily intimidated by anything or anyone. They need not be drop-dead gorgeous; guys who are self confident and can carry a sensible conversation while making me laugh on the side, appeal to me best.

Flirting comes in a lot of forms and it’s amazing how some people excel in it. Personally, I need to brush up on my flirting skills so I don’t end up with guys running in the opposite direction when I give them “The Look”.

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