Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We all know how it feels when somebody from another part of the globe somewhere, lands on our page by searching for keywords that are sometimes not even related to the post or article itself.

Of course, we all share that familiar giddy feeling especially on the first few hits. It makes us feel so “there” – a part of the World Wide Web. True?

Allow me to do a little revival here. I noticed that the top 5 posts that get the most hits in this blog are the following:

The Day I Painted My Nails Red… Again This gets the most article and image hits due to searches made for "red nails". Fetish? Take a peek why...

The Art of Letting Go - By searching for songs in the album, some actually go back to this post just to hear the songs I've uploaded on imeem.

An Itchy StoryI guess more people are being victimized by the notorious “Higad”, huh! (Oh, this gets me feeling a little itchy again!)

Kissable Japanese Me / Arigato Gozaimasu! -
This is just a tag, but there are those who search for "kissable Japanese", and thus found their way here.

Extreme Ezine's Logo Design Contest Entry - One of the first contests I joined and enjoyed. :)

How about you? Which posts in your blog get beGoogled the most? :)