Monday, August 25, 2008

Back From My Unannounced Blog Leave - Part 2

Chestene's Rockstar Invite

Obviously, I could not contain the excitement over what transpired last Saturday. I so need to blog the part 2 right away, or else I will forget some details.

Oh, my. I still can't believe that the
little lady has already reached the first step towards ladyhood. But before I wander further in my maternal sentimental journey, I'll share with you the activities I did in the preparation stage:

1. Choosing a theme
2. Choosing the date and venue
3. Designing and sending out invites
4. The guest list
5. Ordering the cake
6. Booking a host
7. Deciding on the program and kind of party entertainment
8. Decorating the venue
7. Preparing the loot bags
8. Designing and printing of backdrop
9. Putting together the celebrant's outfit
10. Buying candies and toys for the "pabitin" and game prizes
11. Burning CDs for party music

This is quite a long list and I'm sure I missed a thing or two here. This normally needs at least 2 months preparation, but I did it in less than a month due to other work, school and blog-related activities. Good thing my mom and sister are always within reach. We usually do some creative brainstorming whenever there's a party coming up, and delight in the ideas that we think of no matter how much work they entail.

Choosing a Party Theme, Date and Venue

The little lady chose the rockstar theme, so I made her the concert ticket invite. I used again the scrapbook elements from Pimp Your Scrapbook to create the rockstar effect. This was supposed to be my entry for last Saturday's Scrapbook Saturday, but I was too tired to post. Can I just antedate this, Dette? ;-P

We're lucky because her actual birth anniversary, August 23, fell on a Saturday so we reserved it right away with our chosen venue. We wanted a place with a cozy ambiance, where guests can also enjoy the food to their hearts' content so we chose the merienda (afternoon snack) eat-all-you-can buffet.

Everything seemed to be in place since the party's inception. Well, is it?
(To be continued...)

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