Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Little 'Heart' and Echo

I was 'trying' (trying, because I haven't quite succeeded yet) to organize the photos in my computer, as I have promised myself after the unfortunate crash I had lately, when I came across this photo.

This shot was taken late last year at the Powerplant Mall. Good thing there's always a camera within reach, that's why this moment was captured in an instant.

By the way, for some of you who may be clueless as to who this guy is, he is Jericho 'Echo' Rosales, a local showbiz celebrity in the Philippines who is also widely-known as the mighty 'Panday' to devoted teleserye fans and the ex-boyfriend of another showbiz personality, Heart Evangelista.

I'm not the type who would pose with a celebrity, albeit a very famous one. But I thought it would be fun for the Little Lady to have this in her photo album.

Jericho and Heart parted ways just recently, due to suspicions of a third party involved. Well, I've seen this guy really up close, and the teenager in me says (well, screams!) that he is every inch worth the heartbreak (superficially, of course).

While looking at the picture, I can't help but think about my Little Lady's future love life. I know how a heartbreak feels like; it's something that I wish I could spare her little heart from experiencing.

Oh, parents.

The act of shielding our children from every hurt and pain in the world comes naturally as breathing itself.

Imagine the thought of protecting your child since infancy from as little as an insect bite to the occasional minor accidents, getting sick, from the school bully and the like, and then out of nowhere comes this total stranger who turns him/her into some lovesick rebel who breaks your rules and then later on tears his/her heart into smithereens.

Don't you just want to wring that person's neck?

I can't help but have these thoughts especially when the little lady started getting pencil written kiddie 'love notes' and doodles on lined grade school paper folded neatly into different shapes with a heart or flower drawn on top, last year. Or whenever I see pieces of paper in her school bag's side pocket with the label 'Top Secret', where she writes the name of her crushes/boyfriends, which usually include Gerald Anderson, Sam Milby and the Jonas Brothers. Or, when she gets curious adoring glances and toothless smiles from little boys her age whenever we're out in the mall.

What's with kids nowadays? Are they growing up too fast or am I just getting old?

I know she has to experience the cycle we've all been through, at some point. The phase when our parents give us their 'I've-been-there-done-that-he/she's-just-gonna-break-your-heart' litany and we still insist on what we feel is the right thing to do all in the name of love.

Then we just realize they've been right all along, while crying and listening to songs about moving on and letting go over a couple of beers and tequila shots.

Well, I still have a few years more before I start worrying about this seriously. I just hope I can teach her how to be wise and to put her mind above her heart, where nature intended it to be (yeah, right).