Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Favorite Babies

Scrapbook Saturday

Whew! Just finished this scrap page while dropping Entrecards. Well, what's a girl to do in times like this, except to multitask. ;-P I still have a lot of pending work to do and stuff to fix, but I don't want to miss posting for Scrapbook Saturday. :)

These two babies are cousins, yet they treat each other like sisters. The little one is my one year old niece, Sofia Giulia or Gia, as we fondly call her. She calls the little lady "ta-te", instead of "ate" (in Filipino) or big sister.

The little lady adores Gia so much that she keeps on asking me to "make" a baby sister or brother for her. Our usual conversation:

Her: Please make a baby sister or brother for me, mom. Pleassseeeeee!
Me: Sure, baby.
Her: I want now, now, now!
Me: You're silly. I can't make a baby now. Besides, it's too expensive to have a baby nowadays.
Her: Oh, come on. When are you going to make me one?
Mommy will have a new baby when the right time comes.
Her: Oh, mannnnnnn! (sounding like 'Swiper the fox' in Dora, the Explorer)

End of conversation. *mommy pretends to be busy* ^^,

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Graphic elements by: Snowflake Beach Designs (Chanin Mettey) and Shabby Princess Designs

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