Saturday, July 26, 2008

Get Effective Advertising Through SocialSpark

When you were a little younger, did you ever dream of being featured in print ads or appear on TV commercials? Don’t we all have that slight frustration of becoming a celebrity endorser of our favorite products?

Oh, come on. Admit it.

I wouldn’t be embarrassed to say that I’m one of those who do have that ‘very slight’ frustration of becoming a star in my own right. Apart from all the glitter and glamor that the celebrity stature offers, isn’t it cool to endorse a product that you actually use, patronize or swear by?

You might be an average Jane, but you know that you could do a better job in promoting that fried chicken you love so much, more than the celebrity who pretends to eat it, when in fact she's a vegetarian.

That is, because you know your product inside and out.

The most effective endorsers, in my opinion, are those who actually use and believe in the product they are promoting. As the public becomes more intelligent in discerning hyped ads from credible ones, advertisers who prefer to successfully achieve the latter, should consider using a network like SocialSpark to be their advertising platform.

Why SocialSpark?

Blogs comprise an influential segment in the World Wide Web; and prides itself for having a good community of quality bloggers under its wings. These bloggers promote ads through blog sponsorships, sparks and writing about their opinion and related experience about a product; thus, giving it enough integrity to encourage the reading public to patronize them.

If I will be given the opportunity to choose blog sponsorship from products that I would love to blog about, I’d say it would be on beauty products (Victoria's Secret, Elizabeth Arden, etc.), shoes, bags, and women’s clothing. Samples and freebies are most welcome! :)

SocialSpark involves real people with real opinions from different walks of life. Create a buzz now and visit today!

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