Saturday, July 19, 2008

Career Growth Through Cisco

In the fast-paced and evolving world of Information Technology (IT) at present, I believe that it is imperative for those who work in the industry to undergo continuous education through contemporary trainings, for them to be able to respond to the emergent need and demand for specialized IT professionals.

My work in the systems section of the Management Information System (MIS) division of our organization gives me enough exposure in various IT-related activities and concerns. But currently, I'm taking special interest in joining the network section and have been thinking of taking the knowledge that I have to a higher level. I want to learn more on becoming a network professional; and what better way to achieve that, than to undergo Cisco certification.

I have friends who have already gone through Cisco certification. Some of them took specialist certification in technologies such as security, IP telephony, and wireless. And having achieved such, they were offered good employment opportunities in top companies both here and abroad. One of them is currently employed in Singapore, where he enjoys a six-figure monthly salary (equivalent to Philippine Peso), while the rest are holding good positions and high salaries in well-known companies here in the country.

Their success stories made me realize that it is really valuable to have a respected IT certification program to boost a network professional’s credentials, to land an IT job in top local and international companies.

As the IT industry becomes more and more competitive each day with the advent of new technologies, I need to act now and take the challenge to have that credible edge that will ensure my career growth and eventually, success in the long term.

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