Thursday, July 31, 2008

Of Awards and Tags

I haven't been doing tags for a while. Yeah, I know I'm a delinquent tag-ee. *sobs* Anyways, I'll try to post them in batches. I'll start with the older ones first, so please bear with me. :)

Tag of FOUR

Thanks Wena and Ria, for this fun tag! :)

RULE: What you are supposed to do… and please don’t spoil the fun… Click copy/paste, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 4 people in your lists!

(A) Four places I go over and over: church, mall, Starbucks and bookstores

(B) Four people who e-mail me regularly: friends, relatives, co-workers and spammers!

(C) Four of my favorite places to eat? Friday's, Dad's, Yoshinoya, North Park

(D) Four places I’d rather be? In the arms of someone special ;-), Paris, Italy and Boracay

E) Four people I think will respond: Girlie, Yums, Lorelie and Mommy Ruby

(F) Four TV shows I could watch over and over: Sex and the City, Fear Factor, Project Runway and America's Next Supermodel

I'm now tagging the 4 ladies I have mentioned above. Have fun! :)

“SWEET Home Blogger Award”

for sharing, beauty, love and joy!

Thanks Entrepgirl and Wheng for this award!

Sweet Bloggers: 1.) Janeth Vicy’s Life Journey 2.) My Precious 3.) Just ME.. Eds 4.) Eds Mommy Life 5.)FunFierceFabulous 6.)Me,Myself+2 7.)Supermodel Wannabe 8.) My Life in this Wonderful World! 9.) My Online World! 10.) In Depth 11.) BaReFooTeD Me 12.)YourBlog

I want to pass this to these fab bloggers as well: Mars, Ria and Ruby.

BFF Gold Card

hanks for this one-of-a-kind award,
Liza and Hailey!

I want all of you to have this. You've all been really supportive since the day I started this blog. :) I have to name 5 friends though, based on the rule. But I heart you all! :)


1. Only 5 people are allowed to receive this award.

2. 4 of them followers of your blog.

3. One has to be new to your blog and live in another part of the world.

4. You must link back to whoever gave you the award.

I'm sharing this gold card with Wena, Bhang, Gizelle, Cielo and Edna.

Please follow the 4 rules listed above. I will be very happy if we show some support to the recipients of this card by any of the following means: linking, commenting, subscribing, rating, or in any form as you wish.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Enjoy Secure Bank Deposits Online

In this day and age, everything seems to be on electronic mode. Gone are the days when we need to get out of the house every single time we have to purchase something or make a transaction. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, virtually anything can now be obtained through a push of a button, a card swipe, a tap on the reader, a few strokes on the keyboard, voice command, biometrics and the list goes on.

Just when I thought we’re already at the peak of state-of-the-art heaven, another innovation comes in to make our lives much easier. I just learned about it now, but it’s already been around for a while. Depositing checks in the bank can now be done securely online through DepositNow.

With the creation of this novel system, we don’t need to leave the house and line up in the bank anymore. All it needs is an ordinary computer; just pass the check or money order through a scanner and transmit the image to the bank electronically, and voila! The transaction is made in just a few minutes. Talk about safety and convenience! It is ideal for businesses that handle checks (most especially online businesses) and can be used with any bank account in the U.S.

Moreover, unlike most check scanners that cost an arm and a leg, this one is surprisingly half the price of its costly counterparts and can be used as a regular scanner as well, making it a real good deal.

What’s even great is that they are giving away $25 off the price if you sign up for the online deposit service now! Just enter my blog name (Barefooted Me) as a promo code to take advantage of that generous discount on the scanner. Cool, huh!

Sponsored by DepositNow!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

What Type of Parent are You?

Just this morning, the Little Lady had another one of those crying episodes. She’s turning 7 in a month’s time and I wonder if she is undergoing another transition the way she does every single year, coinciding with the month preceding her birth anniversary.

Her Dilemma

It all started when she’s trying to draw this morning. With her early schedule in school, it’s been a while since she made her last artwork. After one attempt, not quite satisfied with what she made, she asked me to draw for her.

I told her to try again, like I always do, when she can’t get things right the first time. She kept on insisting, but I said she can do it on her own. Then out of the blue, she burst into tears and blurted “But I can’t draw like you. My drawings are ugly!”

We’ve been through this before. In fact, this is the fourth time. She tries to compare her work with mine; setting the same standard for herself.

A part of the Leo-Virgo borderline personality in her is slowly emerging. She’s starting to show signs of being a perfectionist. I also noticed that she’s becoming more sensitive or ‘onion-skinned’ [from the Filipino term balat (skin) sibuyas (onion)] lately.

It’s easy to explain why a work of an adult is different from the work of a 6 year old. But making her accept it is the hardest part of all. You know how kids are; they don’t get convinced that easily.

Mom Says

So here’s my explanation:

“When I was your age, I can’t draw like you do. It took me years before I was able to make the drawings that I do today. But you, you’re only 6 and yet you can already make beautiful artwork. You have your own style and people love it as it is. Don’t try to copy my drawings, because that will mean losing your style. Always try to be unique because you are special in your own way. There is only one you, in this world.

But I can’t do it. It’s ugly.

Who says your drawings are ugly? Only you. How will you expect others to see its beauty, when you don’t believe in it? You always have to believe in yourself before others can believe in you. What you have is a gift from God. When you don’t appreciate and use that gift, one day He might take it away.”

This may sound too “duhhh!” for a 6 year old. But I’m glad this 6 year old understands. I try to treat her as a mature individual on matters that will shape her mindset for life.

What Matters Most

I am more particular on building the right kind of self confidence in her. The kind that does not result in false pride; but the kind that will steer her towards achieving great dreams in the future and will always remind her to believe in herself and what she is capable of, even when others don’t.

In addition, I would like to quote my winning entry in Smart Parenting Baby Magazine’s August 2004 Q&A:

“What is the one trait or quality you would like your child to possess when he grows up and why?

I would like my daughter to grow up an optimistic person; someone who sees the good in everything. Her positive outlook will make her resilient in facing life's difficulties and struggles; building strength of character, perseverance, and the virtue of patience in the process. And because she believes that every individual possesses innate goodness, what she sees through her profound concept of what is good will help her encourage those who lack self confidence and uplift those who have a poor sense of self, by helping them realize their positive qualities. She will then develop altruism, selflessness and the gift of hope that will always be with her in whatever she does or whatever situation she faces.”

So What Type of Parent am I?

I guess it would be generic to say that I’m the kind who only wants the best for my child. Don’t we all wish for the same?

But I guess in my own terms, I’m the kind of parent who prioritizes more on equipping my child with all that she needs; with more importance on these key areas - psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

Just like a soldier who will face a thousand battles later on,
I’m preparing her for life.

Should she dream of becoming a Philippine president in the future, I wouldn’t worry about how she will achieve that. I’ll be more worried about the kind of president she will turn out to be, if I don’t instill the significance of good values now.

This is my official entry to the Pinoy Parenting Blog Carnival (PPBC) 6th Edition hosted by Happy Family Matters.

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Favorite Babies

Scrapbook Saturday

Whew! Just finished this scrap page while dropping Entrecards. Well, what's a girl to do in times like this, except to multitask. ;-P I still have a lot of pending work to do and stuff to fix, but I don't want to miss posting for Scrapbook Saturday. :)

These two babies are cousins, yet they treat each other like sisters. The little one is my one year old niece, Sofia Giulia or Gia, as we fondly call her. She calls the little lady "ta-te", instead of "ate" (in Filipino) or big sister.

The little lady adores Gia so much that she keeps on asking me to "make" a baby sister or brother for her. Our usual conversation:

Her: Please make a baby sister or brother for me, mom. Pleassseeeeee!
Me: Sure, baby.
Her: I want now, now, now!
Me: You're silly. I can't make a baby now. Besides, it's too expensive to have a baby nowadays.
Her: Oh, come on. When are you going to make me one?
Mommy will have a new baby when the right time comes.
Her: Oh, mannnnnnn! (sounding like 'Swiper the fox' in Dora, the Explorer)

End of conversation. *mommy pretends to be busy* ^^,

If you wish to take part in this weekly activity, click here to join Scrapbook Saturday!

Graphic elements by: Snowflake Beach Designs (Chanin Mettey) and Shabby Princess Designs

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Get Effective Advertising Through SocialSpark

When you were a little younger, did you ever dream of being featured in print ads or appear on TV commercials? Don’t we all have that slight frustration of becoming a celebrity endorser of our favorite products?

Oh, come on. Admit it.

I wouldn’t be embarrassed to say that I’m one of those who do have that ‘very slight’ frustration of becoming a star in my own right. Apart from all the glitter and glamor that the celebrity stature offers, isn’t it cool to endorse a product that you actually use, patronize or swear by?

You might be an average Jane, but you know that you could do a better job in promoting that fried chicken you love so much, more than the celebrity who pretends to eat it, when in fact she's a vegetarian.

That is, because you know your product inside and out.

The most effective endorsers, in my opinion, are those who actually use and believe in the product they are promoting. As the public becomes more intelligent in discerning hyped ads from credible ones, advertisers who prefer to successfully achieve the latter, should consider using a network like SocialSpark to be their advertising platform.

Why SocialSpark?

Blogs comprise an influential segment in the World Wide Web; and prides itself for having a good community of quality bloggers under its wings. These bloggers promote ads through blog sponsorships, sparks and writing about their opinion and related experience about a product; thus, giving it enough integrity to encourage the reading public to patronize them.

If I will be given the opportunity to choose blog sponsorship from products that I would love to blog about, I’d say it would be on beauty products (Victoria's Secret, Elizabeth Arden, etc.), shoes, bags, and women’s clothing. Samples and freebies are most welcome! :)

SocialSpark involves real people with real opinions from different walks of life. Create a buzz now and visit today!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shameless Plug and a Bunch of Thanks!

Forgive me, but please let me do a little shameless promotion here.^^,

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who voted for my blog last time. Though I didn't win that particular week, you guys are the best! It means a lot to me having friends online who show their warm friendship and support, in any way they can. A *big group hug!* :)

Anyways, my blog was given the opportunity this week to win a special customized template by Carlota of Dashing Smiles (thank you again for including me in this privileged roster).

Please vote for your chosen blog/s. What's even great is that you can now vote for multiple blogs at a time! No pressure here, people.^^,

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I would also like to thank all of you for making BaReFooTeD Me number 1 in Pinoy Blogs last July 14. It just lasted for a day or two, but nonetheless, it reached the top!

Now that I've gotten all that gratitude off my chest, it's time that I get myself a decent dose of Zzzzs. I haven't been sleeping well for a while and I sooo need to recharge.

So while I'm at it, keep safe always and happy blogging! :-)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Why Moms are Sparkin’ at SocialSpark

I’m sure by now, almost everybody in the blogosphere knows what’s been creating all the ‘spark’ around lately.

It’s SocialSpark!

Unlike other social networks, SocialSpark not only gives everybody a chance to meet new friends, but it also gives bloggers the opportunity to earn from what they are already passionate about, which is blogging.

I find this community great, especially for moms like me who try to earn on the side while we run the household, take care of our families and tend to our respective jobs. Regardless if we have full-time or part-time jobs, or even if we are full-fledged stay-at-home moms (SAHM), we can all take part and benefit from it.

With the current global economic crunch, it is a common consideration among families to generate extra income without shelling out a large investment and draining the family savings.

Given that, it is but wise to capitalize on what one already has. And in this case, moms can make use of their extensive exposure on a lot of products and services to share their experiences and opinions online. They have become one of the credible sources in this arena, so why not earn from it? After all, it only takes a computer connected to the internet and they will have an online job or business running in no time.

Whenever my mommy friends seek advice on how they can add extra to the family income, I always tell them about the earning potential of blogging and joining mom-friendly networks like SocialSpark. Signing up is a breeze and they can do it in the comfort of their own homes, while taking care of the kids. I could not think of a more ideal set up than that.

So moms, are you ready to spark?

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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Flower Power!

Scrapbook Saturday

This is my first scrapbook page. I've been meaning to do this for the longest time, but it has remained in my 'Things to do' list for ages. Thanks to Dette, who invited me to join her Scrapbook Saturday project, I finally did it! Now, I have to post one page on a weekly basis. Hopefully I can do this religiously. ;-)

I did the little lady's photo layout back in 2006 and used the Summer Buggin' kit for the elements in this design. I really love its vivid colors and the flowers!

If you wish to take part in this weekly activity, click here to join Scrapbook Saturday!

Graphic elements by: Snowflake Beach Designs (Chanin Mettey)

Career Growth Through Cisco

In the fast-paced and evolving world of Information Technology (IT) at present, I believe that it is imperative for those who work in the industry to undergo continuous education through contemporary trainings, for them to be able to respond to the emergent need and demand for specialized IT professionals.

My work in the systems section of the Management Information System (MIS) division of our organization gives me enough exposure in various IT-related activities and concerns. But currently, I'm taking special interest in joining the network section and have been thinking of taking the knowledge that I have to a higher level. I want to learn more on becoming a network professional; and what better way to achieve that, than to undergo Cisco certification.

I have friends who have already gone through Cisco certification. Some of them took specialist certification in technologies such as security, IP telephony, and wireless. And having achieved such, they were offered good employment opportunities in top companies both here and abroad. One of them is currently employed in Singapore, where he enjoys a six-figure monthly salary (equivalent to Philippine Peso), while the rest are holding good positions and high salaries in well-known companies here in the country.

Their success stories made me realize that it is really valuable to have a respected IT certification program to boost a network professional’s credentials, to land an IT job in top local and international companies.

As the IT industry becomes more and more competitive each day with the advent of new technologies, I need to act now and take the challenge to have that credible edge that will ensure my career growth and eventually, success in the long term.

Sponsored by Cisco

Sunday, July 13, 2008

God's Ad

What better day to post this 'ad' than on a Sunday?

All through my life I've witnessed God's immense goodness, that I felt I had to make a statement about it utilizing the gift that He has bestowed upon me, to share with others.

It's my simple way of saying "Thank you for all that there is, all that is not and all that is yet to come."

Please feel free to grab this high resolution graphic and share it with others. Just click the image to view its full size, right click and choose save image as or set as desktop background, if you wish.

I also made a pink version of this (Surprise! Surprise! :). Just leave a comment if you'd like to have it in another color.

Have a blessed, happy and meaningful Sunday, everyone!

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Seeing Clear

A major part of my daily routine is spent in front of the computer. My day job requires a lot of computer work in the office (website monitoring, research and drafting reports), while my freelance graphic design job at night calls for a few more hours in front of my home computer.

I do have a great relationship with my PC, but staying too long in front of it is causing me vision problems lately. I’ve been meaning to purchase a new set of prescription glasses, but even having an optometrist friend doesn’t help much in getting high quality glasses at an affordable price nowadays.

It’s good that we have a lot of options online where we can find companies that offer good deals like Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses.

They have a wide array of frames and they sell them directly to customers, thus removing the middlemen that add a lot to the final product price. Given that, I wasn't too surprised with the fact that Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

I guess there’s no reason for me not to get myself one, especially now that there are Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni that I find too hard to resist.

Monday, July 7, 2008

A Couple's Birthday Gift

Jasmine Shanea

I haven't doodled for ages.

Somehow, I lost myself in the digital age and depended on creating art and graphics in the computer, that I've forgotten about my first love - drawing.

Good thing, I was thinking of creating something for my blogger friend Jasmine Shanea and her hubby's birthday and decided to give them my freehand pencil on paper rendition of Jasmine's portrait for their birthday .

Yup, they were born on the same day. Isn't it so romantic? To be born on the same day is like saying they were really meant for each other.

I don't actually know how Jasmine looks like, but this is the way I see her through her posts and thoughts. I know she's not the girly-girl type, but I definitely see her as someone who is every inch a woman on the inside.

To Jasmine and hubby, I wish you more great years ahead of you blessed with good health, a baby on the way and all your dreams coming true. I hope you like my gift. :)

It's not too late to send in your greetings! There are 23,000 ECs at stake and their big day is on July 8. Please visit Pixelated Thoughts for more details on this fabulous birthday giveaway!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

My Little 'Heart' and Echo

I was 'trying' (trying, because I haven't quite succeeded yet) to organize the photos in my computer, as I have promised myself after the unfortunate crash I had lately, when I came across this photo.

This shot was taken late last year at the Powerplant Mall. Good thing there's always a camera within reach, that's why this moment was captured in an instant.

By the way, for some of you who may be clueless as to who this guy is, he is Jericho 'Echo' Rosales, a local showbiz celebrity in the Philippines who is also widely-known as the mighty 'Panday' to devoted teleserye fans and the ex-boyfriend of another showbiz personality, Heart Evangelista.

I'm not the type who would pose with a celebrity, albeit a very famous one. But I thought it would be fun for the Little Lady to have this in her photo album.

Jericho and Heart parted ways just recently, due to suspicions of a third party involved. Well, I've seen this guy really up close, and the teenager in me says (well, screams!) that he is every inch worth the heartbreak (superficially, of course).

While looking at the picture, I can't help but think about my Little Lady's future love life. I know how a heartbreak feels like; it's something that I wish I could spare her little heart from experiencing.

Oh, parents.

The act of shielding our children from every hurt and pain in the world comes naturally as breathing itself.

Imagine the thought of protecting your child since infancy from as little as an insect bite to the occasional minor accidents, getting sick, from the school bully and the like, and then out of nowhere comes this total stranger who turns him/her into some lovesick rebel who breaks your rules and then later on tears his/her heart into smithereens.

Don't you just want to wring that person's neck?

I can't help but have these thoughts especially when the little lady started getting pencil written kiddie 'love notes' and doodles on lined grade school paper folded neatly into different shapes with a heart or flower drawn on top, last year. Or whenever I see pieces of paper in her school bag's side pocket with the label 'Top Secret', where she writes the name of her crushes/boyfriends, which usually include Gerald Anderson, Sam Milby and the Jonas Brothers. Or, when she gets curious adoring glances and toothless smiles from little boys her age whenever we're out in the mall.

What's with kids nowadays? Are they growing up too fast or am I just getting old?

I know she has to experience the cycle we've all been through, at some point. The phase when our parents give us their 'I've-been-there-done-that-he/she's-just-gonna-break-your-heart' litany and we still insist on what we feel is the right thing to do all in the name of love.

Then we just realize they've been right all along, while crying and listening to songs about moving on and letting go over a couple of beers and tequila shots.

Well, I still have a few years more before I start worrying about this seriously. I just hope I can teach her how to be wise and to put her mind above her heart, where nature intended it to be (yeah, right).