Sunday, June 22, 2008

Out of Touch

Another beauty in our garden.

I was on low profile last week.

I'm sure some of you were wondering (oh, were you?) where I was, as I have missed on my regular EntreCard dropping and blog walking. Also, I wasn't able to leave and respond to messages, do my pending (perennial) tags, exchange links with new friends and catch on the latest posts of my favorite blogs.

Well, it is for the simple reason that my PC crashed (yes, it C-R-A-S-H-E-D!) and was brought back to life just 2 days ago. Thanks to my dear friend and lifetime technical support (hmm, after waiting for a few days because he is such a busy guy), this baby is up and running again!

There were some casualties though. Files that I had in my desktop (mostly downloaded) and My Docs (some of my pictures and PSD files - waahh!), plus programs in drive C. Good that I was able to place majority of my files in drive D, where they were left unharmed.

I'm already having dreams of reminding myself to back up. It's a mental note that I know I must do, this time around.

Of course, for every trouble there is always a bright side. I was able to rest well and sleep earlier (around 12:00 mn - 1:00 am ^^,) than usual and I spent more quality time with the Little Lady talking about school, Totally Spies, Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers (say, who? Ugh, outdated me had to search the internet for these guys).

Now that everything is back to normal, I have to start blogging like crazy. :)