Sunday, June 15, 2008

Surviving the First Week of School

It had been pretty crazy around the house last week. School started June 10, and the Little Lady’s daily class schedule is at, would you believe, 6:20 a.m.?

As I hesitatingly nodded in agreement on the unbelievably early a.m. schedule a few weeks back during her enrollment, pictures of myself sleeping early kept flashing in my mind. Argh. As a nocturnal being since I don’t know when, I cannot remember the last time I hit the sack early.

Early for me is 12:00 midnight, by the way.

The little lady herself, is used to sleeping late (oh, this is the part that makes me feel like I am a bad mother). She reads, writes, draws and thinks of activities she can do during bedtime. It must be genetic, huh?

I know it will be difficult for her (and for me, that is!) to wake up very early in the morning. Last year, she wakes up at 10 a.m. to prepare for her 12:00 noon class, so there is no need to hurry. After all, her previous school was just a ride away from our house, in case she misses the school service. But now she has to get up at 4:30 a.m. to get everything done before the school service picks her up at 5:30 a.m.

I decided it has to be now, or never. I do not want her to grow up with the same sleeping habit that I have and I really need to train her to be an early riser.

So the past week, I limited myself to spending an hour or two online. (Ever wondered why I missed a drop on your EntreCard or why I did not respond to your message right away?) I also come home late from the office due to a series of overtime work, that is why I have to make sure that I put the little lady to sleep around 9:30 p.m. - the most, before I face the computer.

Good thing she did not have much trouble getting up early, maybe because of excitement over her new school and classmates. I, on the other hand, get up half-awake like a semi-zombie, having just an hour or two of sleep daily for the whole week.

Nevertheless, I am happy with the way things turned out last week, except for her first day where she got lost inside the school and did not find her way to the school service.

Little Girl Lost

I was at the 22nd floor having a training workshop that time, when I got a message from the driver that they could not find her. I panicked and almost flew down the stairs just to be there quick. Thank heavens, it was just a ride from the office so I managed to go there in just a few minutes.

When I arrived, I was ushered to the school parlor where I found her sleeping. The lady guard said she was crying when she saw her. I commend the school for having plenty of guards around who do not allow children to go out alone.

Imagine, I almost had a heart attack (figuratively, of course) that day! Teary-eyed, I was calling all the angels and saints in heaven on my way there. It may seem like an overreaction, but I won’t be able to forgive myself if something happened to her and I am not there.

Ahh, talk about the joys, pains and sorrows of parenthood. It is truly a daily roller coaster ride.

So how was your kids' first week of school?

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